Dec 12, 2016

Christmas Memories

Happy Holidays, everyone! 

I'm brimming with holiday spirit this season! I've been enjoying all the gorgeous holiday home blog tours, and have been so inspired. How about you? 

Alas, I won't be sharing my own holiday decor this year because lately I'm hobbling around with the help of a cane as I await surgery in February for a new hip. It will be my very best present, and I'm super excited and motivated for the challenge that will allow me to have my active life back again. 

This holiday I want you all to know I'm still here and thinking about you all! I read my friends' blogs faithfully and keep up on what's happening with them and their families and homes, and I think about my own faithful blog followers often. 

This year, I'm sharing my home's favorite Christmas decor from past blog posts over the next couple of weeks in no particular order. I mixed up the years and rooms to make a sort of collage of the holidays at our home. If you're like me, you just can never see too many holiday decorations and scenes. It's one of the best parts of Christmas! 

This last photo is of our North End street after a fluffy new snowfall.

It's been so great to be here with you today, and I hope you've enjoyed a look back at some of our holiday memories. 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Well, new or old pictures they are wonderful. I am sorry you have to have a hip replacement but I am glad it is slated to be done. My friend just had it a year and is doing so well. She said she had forgotten what it felt like to not have constant pain. Good luck to you and Merry Christmas. xoDiana

  2. Your tree is beautiful, and I love the "Jingle" pillow!

  3. Everything looks so pretty and welcoming. Great job...Christmas will soon be here before we know it.

  4. Hello Laurel! I'm sorry to hear you're hobbling around. It's no fun to be unable to do all that you enjoy doing! I enjoyed your tour of Christmases past. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Love your decor,,..even though that is a memory right now. Glad you are having your hip done...that will bring you relief! My hubby had his redone earlier this year, and is slated to have the other one done soon. Wishing you good luck...and a Merry Christmas! ;)

  6. Laurel ~ I'm so sorry to hear about your hip! Please be Very careful moving around in our snow!
    I loved seeing your pix from 'ago ~ still inspirational!!

  7. You Christmas tree is lovely!!! I love Santa Claus, yours looks so cute! The pillows --awesome!! Wonder where you got the cute cottage on the hutch. Laurel, you did a great job!!

  8. I love all your decorations...good luck on your upcoming surgery..I've several friends that have had this done and they are all doing will you.
    Merriest Christmas.

  9. Your comment about "seeing all the holiday decorations and scenes" as being one of the best parts of Christmas really resonated with me. Of course, I love checking out all the inspiration on blogs/Pinterest but I never really thought about it in those terms. Thanks for summing up one of the joys of the season for me. And...I loved seeing all your gorgeous Christmas memories pics - pinned! Good luck with your hip surgery - everyone I know who's had it done, has had good results.

  10. Oh Laurel your home is lovely. I came by from a pin. I thought you were another friend that has a blog with a similar name. I was so glad to meet you! Your home is beautiful and I enjoyed the tour and meeting you! I would live to invite you to my party
    Count Down To Christmas. This week there is a giveaway. A great time to join the fun!
    Come over here:
    Feel free to link all your Christmas posts. Past or present!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. I hope you can hobble along until your surgery without too much pain.

    Your Christmas past photos are wonderful and I pinned that fun centerpiece in the wooden box. I might just try making something similar tomorrow.

  12. That snapshot of the couch is quite cozy! Have a wonderful Holiday! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  13. I will feature this Thursday at Home Sweet Home!

  14. I am finally getting caught up on my blog reading...Your blog is always so inspiring and a nice place to stop and gaze while I sip my tea. I hope the hip surgery goes well and the recovery is fast. I know a few people who had it done and they recovered quickly...and wondered why they waited so long to get it done. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!
    Take care,


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