Oct 23, 2014

Glowing Pumpkins Halloween Banner

Halloween is sneaking up on me this year, and I've just started making some fun new decorations for our home. 

You may have noticed I love decorating with banners for different seasons and holidays. This is our command central chalkboard in our back hallway between the kitchen and family room. 

Even when our chalkboard is covered with shopping lists and errands needing to be run, this cute banner says Happy Halloween.

And it was super easy to make.

I found these plastic pumpkins for half off at the craft store. Only $1.00 for six!

I cut a length of ribbon I already had on hand (string would work, too) to fit across my chalkboard with a little extra to wrap around to the back. Then I just tied the pumpkins onto the ribbon and taped the ends to the back of the chalkboard. Really easy, and so cute! While I was looking up at the banner after I hung it up, I thought how cool it would be if the pumpkins would light-up at night. 

Then I remembered I had these little battery-run flameless tea light candles in my candle cupboard. Luckily, they fit the openings in the top of the pumpkins perfectly, so all I had to do was turn them on and drop them in. You can find these little lights for about $6.00 at the craft store, and I know you're going to use your half-off coupon to get them for even less. So you can make your cordless glowing pumpkin banner for under $5.00!

Those little tea lights create quite a lot of glow. 

My nephew's little boys are coming for dinner Sunday, and I just know they'll love these.

So festive and cute!

They'll be perfect for hanging on our front porch to welcome trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, too. 

And speaking of front porches, I snapped a photo this morning to show you how quickly our maple trees turned red this year. Last week, when I shared our autumn front porch, all the leaves were still green! We've never seen them change colors so quickly before. 

I love fall!

I'm so glad you stopped by to see my glowing pumpkins Halloween banner. 

Have a wonderful day!

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Oct 13, 2014

Autumn On Our Front Porch

I'm continuing to enjoy decorating our home for fall, and today I'm sharing our autumn front porch. We love sitting on our front porch in the autumn, watching the leaves fall and visiting with neighbors strolling by. All we need to extend our front porch-sitting into the cooler months is a thick wool blanket and a mug of hot chocolate to keep us warm. 

The leaves are beginning to turn here in Boise, and our big maple trees in the front yard will soon be glowing red. We have a front row seat to watch fall happening all around us right here on our front porch. 

Thanks for strolling by to share it with me today! I hope you all enjoy a lovely autumn week!

It's a great day for a party!

Oct 9, 2014

Fall Potting Bench

Yesterday, I was out in the gorgeous fall air playing on my potting bench. Potting benches and autumn go together for me like ice cream and hot fudge. There's nothing better than a pumpkin or two sitting on a potting bench waiting to be carved into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, or a basketful of just-picked juicy apples ready for making caramel apples.

My husband made this potting bench for me last year out of pallets, and it's been so handy having it close to our little vegetable garden on the side of our house.

I brushed off the dirt, made a few quick and easy decorations for a fun fall display, and added some things from the garden shed.

My felt leaf banner embroidered last year was inspired by the talented Lisa at Lil Fish Studios.

Turquoise mason jars are topped with one of my prized thrift store finds, a set of heavy zinc lids. The wood tray is also a 75¢ thrift store find that was one of my first chalk painted projects. The apple cider label was simply printed onto card stock and taped onto the side of the tray.

The leaves haven't quite turned their fall colors here in Boise yet, so I picked these pretty colored ones off some inexpensive craft store stems.

My apple sign was painted by hand onto a piece of scrap wood. It was adapted from a cute sign with printable template shared by Cristina at Remodelando la Casa

Remember my old faux painted milk can? It makes a perfect pumpkin perch. 

Fall mums fill an old wooden crate. 

My French Flower Pot is a galvanized bucket with a graphic from The Graphics Fairy transferred onto fabric. 

When I searched my stash yesterday, I couldn't find a large picture frame for a chalk board, but I did have an old painted artist canvas I didn't want anymore. I have to say, it made the easiest and quickest chalk board I've ever made. I literally just slapped two coats of chalkboard paint on the top and sides with an old brush, let it dry a few hours, and primed it with chalk. Works great!


It was so fun decorating my fall potting bench. Wouldn't it make a great spot for serving a buffet for an autumn party? I better get busy carving those pumpkins and dipping those apples into caramel!

Enjoy another great fall day!

Oct 2, 2014

Living Room Updates And Fall Decor

Fall has settled in beautifully here in Boise, and I'm loving the chill in the air!  

I've been busy transitioning our living room from being cool for summer to cozy for autumn. This room hasn't been redecorated for about twenty years, and there have been lots of changes lately. I've shared a few in-between photos on my blog as I've been trying to work it out just the way I want it, and in a future post I'll share the fun old before photos. There are still a few things I want to change, like new lamps, but I can now say our living room is my favorite room in our home, and I'm excited to show it to you! 

Our front door opens off our front porch right into one very long room, so we divided it up into an entryway and sitting area. 

This is the entryway side.

Our hutch is in our entryway because the dining room is a tad too small for it. I store table linens and large serving pieces here, and since the dining room is just behind me, it's a convenient location. I also keep table linens in the dresser. I just might have too many table linens. 

I had so much fun drawing my fall chalkboard following Lucy's (from Craftberry Bush) tutorial for how to draw pumpkins on eHow. I had to improvise using just a few chalk colors instead of pastels, but I was shocked how well it turned out. I'm definitely no artist, but Lucy's a really good teacher! I tucked a lamp into the tray with the pumpkins and flowers because I love to have a soft light on by the front door to welcome my husband home from work on cold dark evenings. 

I didn't change too much on our hutch for fall, just added a few things I like. 

My favorite thing was just sprinkling some acorns around the candles on this cake pedestal. Our candles are the faux candles that automatically come on the same time every evening for five hours. I just love these, and have them all around the room.

Across the entryway we use this narrow cupboard to divide the room and for much needed storage. My husband and I made it from two leftover wall cabinets after our kitchen was remodeled. We screwed two cabinets together and nailed a few boards on top that I stained and poly-ed. The bottom was painted with white homemade chalk paint and waxed. I keep all my silver, crystal, vases, and candles here and now that I have it, I don't know how I got along without it.


It's super fun to decorate the top for the seasons. I found this yellow vase at Home Goods while shopping with my daughter the other day. I love it madly. You wouldn't believe how heavy it is. My daughters are always good luck for me when I'm shopping. I needed a vase heavy enough to hold tall branches for every season, and I just knew I'd never find just the right thing for anywhere under $100. But there it was at Home Goods! Because my daughter was with me.  

On the other side of the room is our seating area anchored by our new super plush and cushy area rug. I change my curtains for the seasons, so it dawned on me one day, why not change the rug, too? In the hot summer, I like having more of the hardwood floors showing, but in the cold fall and winter, I wanted a larger, thicker rug to warm things up. We found this one at Lowes and chose it because the colors are perfect for fall and winter and it's the thickest coziest rug I've ever felt.

This is our new custom made sofa from La-Z-Boy. I tried to choose a well-built, comfortable, neutral sofa, that will go with any kind of decorating I can throw at it. I went kind of crazy with cozy pillows and throws in all the fall colors I love. (If you haven't figured it out yet, cozy is my favorite fall word.) I bought two of these throws for the family room from Target last year, and they are so warm and soft and just the right size, that I went and bought three more for the living room. They're so cozy, we turn the heat down just so we can curl up under them. And they're only $14! 


The square coffee table next to the sofa was my mother's. I ruined the beautiful top years ago while trying to strip the shellac for re-staining, so I ended up painting it black to match the hutch. I bought this little cast iron horse at the thrift store for $2. It's broken, and I think a child may have painted it, but I still love it. Isn't it funny, the things that capture our fancy?

Across from the sofa are two chairs and my graphic painted end table. It looks a little crowded over here in the photos, but this seating area is about the size of an average living room.

We call this chair our place holder. It's holding this place for the perfect chair we're hunting for. This is our front porch wicker chair, and every year when it gets cold, we happen to find a place inside where it's needed to fill a space. It's very handy that way. Have you seen the two wood and upholstered arm chairs in the living room of Fixer Upper's Magnolia Farms? That's the chair I want! 


I love my cow from Antique Farmhouse. It's so heavy! I nailed three boards together, and my husband hung them from our plaster wall with a French cleat attached by three huge molly bolts. Then we hung the cow on the boards with a big nail. If it fell off the wall on your head, it would send you to the hospital, it's so heavy! So now hopefully it's not going to, and it's safe to sit beneath it in our place holding chair.


This wood compote was another thrift store purchase I painted and waxed. I've just started collecting white ironstone dishes. It has kind of become a passion!

This is my favorite thing in the living room, and in fact, maybe in the whole house. This is my (MY) new Simon Li leather reading chair and ottoman in a custom leather and color from Sofa Mart that took four months to make. I have dreamed about having a leather chair since I was about thirteen years old and started loving to curl up with a good book. It's the most comfortable chair in the universe, and the perfect spot for reading. And maybe for a bit of snoozing, too.

This long wall is hard for me to decorate and will take me awhile to get just right. We found this huge pine armoire at a consignment store last summer. I needed one more big piece of furniture to store my seasonal decor, and this is perfect. Next to it is an old military trunk. You can see from the next picture that I added an old window on top to give it more height under the big clock. 

I filled my glass hurricane with green split peas, red kidney beans, and yellow corn from the bulk bins at the grocery store, a great easy fall decorating idea I found on Pinterest by Amanda Jane Brown

I waited a long time for new living room furniture, and I'm over the moon happy with what we found so far. I'm loving how the neutral shades look with all my favorite fall colors, too. 

Thank you so much for sharing it with me! You make it all more fun!

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