Jul 11, 2018

Payette Lake Waterfront Homes - Part Two

I'm back today with the second part of our boat ride tour of Payette Lake cabins. If you missed it, you'll find a link to part one at the end of this post. As I mentioned in part one, my photos taken on my phone from our bouncing boat on a windy day aren't all perfectly focused, but I think you'll enjoy them. 

The cabins in Part Two of our tour are located between North Beach and The Shore Lodge and are mostly more modest in size and older than those from Part One.

This photo is of a condominium. 

I hope you found some more favorites in today's tour!

If you missed Part One (or just want to see those gorgeous cabins again) click HERE.

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Jul 10, 2018

Payette Lake Waterfront Homes - Part One

While we were out on the lake this past 4th of July week, I snapped photos of some of the waterfront cabins we passed by from the water. We started out in Pilgrim Cove, headed down to North Beach, and finished up our shore tour at Legacy Park downtown. 

Much of Payette Lake shoreline is owned by the state of Idaho and still undeveloped. Ponderosa State Park takes up a big chunk of it. Many of the older cabins were built on leased state land and were owned by the same old Idaho families, sometimes for over a hundred years. That land is now being sold off by the state at auction for funds to be spent on state education. Sometimes the original family can afford to hold on to their cabins, and some lose out to a higher bidder. The new owner must simply pay the loser the appraised value of the cabin, which is often very modest, and the rest goes to the state. Sometimes it's heartbreaking to watch these humble families being forced out of their family cabins, but the most recent interpretation of Idaho state law requires selling the land to the highest bidder.

Quite a few of those quaint old cabins that were happily lived in by generations of the same family are being torn down by the new wealthier owners and replaced by huge modern homes. More than once I've wished we had a Payette Lake Historic District that would protect the lake's old cabins and put a stop to this practice. It had been about ten years since we'd driven around the old Pilgrim Cove neighborhood when we bought our little cabin in the fall of 2016, and we were jaw-dropping shocked to see how many of the modest old cabins had been torn down and replaced with huge modern nondescript homes. Much of the forest that once stood between the smaller cabins and used to ring out with the laughter of children playing in the summer is simply gone, replaced by the huge foundations of the new homes! We could hardly remember the way it had been. 

There are plenty of beautiful nearby view lots available for building huge homes with all the modern amenities people desire without destroying the local history of our Payette Lake shoreline. I've never heard anyone else share my opinion about that, though, so I'm guessing it's not a popular one. 

So, today, I'm sharing both new and old. I'm sure we can all imagine ourselves living in a huge lakeside cabin with a vaulted great room, a chef's kitchen, a bathroom for every bedroom, and our own movie theater. But my heart belongs to the little cabins from days gone by.

(These photos were taken with my phone from a bouncing boat on a windy day so are not perfectly focused, but I hope you will enjoy them anyway.)

Payette Lake is a natural lake surrounded by forest and granite mountains. Much of it is still undeveloped. Building lots and cabins rarely become available for sale and are highly sought after by buyers from all over the country. Waterfront properties are usually priced in the one to ten million-dollar range.

McCall is the small town located on the south shore of Payette Lake. The city park, public beach, and marinas, (pictured here) are located on the site of the old lumber mill. Most of the cabins I'm sharing today are located on the other side of the Ponderosa State Park peninsula in Pilgrim Cove.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! I tried to include a little of everything -  lodge, log, traditional, modern, big and small. Did you spot some favorites? Can you picture yourself spending your summers in one of these cabins on Payette Lake? 

I'll be back tomorrow to share some more waterfront homes from the other side of the lake. See you then!

{See Part Two of the tour HERE!}

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Jun 20, 2018

Summer Yard Prep at the Cabin

Last weekend we raked up and bagged about a gazillion pine cones from the yard around our cabin. Raking pine cones has turned out to be an annual spring ritual for us here. 

We have lots of different kinds of conifer trees, but they all only drop smallish pine cones. They're not the big ones that are so great for winter decorating. So we bag them up and take them, along with the fallen branches from the past winter's storms, to the Valley County Transfer Station which is about a 25 minute drive from our cabin. 

There, my husband empties the pine cones out of the bags onto the huge heap of other yard waste being composted. We use the same bags again each year.

Valley County doesn't have a garbage dump. In the old days trash was dumped down a huge ravine next to the Payette river south of town and left to rot. Really BAD IDEA!! When folks got smarter about keeping the forests and rivers clean, they started collecting local trash at a transfer station and shipping it out on trucks to other locations. We also have a recycle center that ships our recyclables as far away as Utah for processing. It makes us think very carefully about every single piece of trash we throw away or put in the recycle bin here. We really try hard to reduce what we throw away. 

After all that raking, no more pine cones - for about five minutes, anyway. This area was completely covered by them! Piles of them! The pine cones fall all year long, of course, but at least we can walk around now without tripping and stumbling over so many. It feels so great to have that big cleanup job done so we can move on to some summer fun. 

Next we put up our little screened tent. Mosquitoes are a nuisance here in June and July, mostly for our dog, Tucker. For some reason they just love him. 

After we found dog mosquito spray didn't work very well for him, we bought this small easy to put-up Coleman Instant Sreenhouse on Amazon so he can join us when we sit outside. It works great! We also found an inexpensive outdoor rug at our local Lowe's for the tent, so hopefully Tucker won't get so much tree sap stuck to his fur while he's hanging out in there.  We'll be able to just hose off the rug to clean it. On our list of someday projects is a screened porch on the back of our cabin, but for now this setup works really well for us. 

After the tent was up, which takes about three minutes, including staking it, we scattered our tree stump tables and Adirondack chairs around our fire pit. Lightweight plastic Adirondack chairs are great because we can carry them easily between the shed and the yard when we come to the cabin, and they stack up out of the way in the shed for the winter. We also like having a portable fire "pit" so we can move it anywhere around the yard we want to use it. 

That firewood behind the tent is definitely calling to me as I write this. I can't wait to have our first campfire and s'mores this weekend! 

Let the summer fun begin!

Jun 19, 2018

Bears at our Cabin

Not real bears!

We have heard that bears have been seen in our area before, and we do all have bear-proof trash cans. But the only bears we've seen around our little cabin so far are the ones we bought recently at an antique store here in McCall.

Can you spot them?

There in the corner.

In front of the lamp.

Two primitive hand carved bear bookends to hold our cabin diary, trail guides and maps, and my husband's old cub scout book.

We just love folk art, and wish we could learn the story behind the hands that carved our sweet little rustic bears. 

We love having bears at our cabin! 

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