Jul 20, 2016

How to Have Charming Farmhouse Greenery Without a Green Thumb

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great summer! 

We've been living it easy around here this summer; hiking in the mountains, kayaking in a new nearby water park, lazy afternoons reading on the front porch, and lots of casual family dinners on the deck surrounded by our garden in full summer bloom. 

Our summer garden shed this year.
Gardening outdoors comes pretty easily to me. Plant, water, fertilize, sunshine, and voila - success! Houseplants, however, are a completely different matter. I'm abysmal at growing houseplants! No matter how hard I try, and I've been trying most of my life, my houseplants die within a few months. Partly, I think, because my house has very little natural light and partly because I can never get the watering schedule right. 

For years I just didn't have houseplants at all. This pathos plant started last year from a cutting (above) and this little succulent which was a Father's Day gift for my husband this year (below) are the only ones I've been able to keep alive. (I've heard they're bulletproof.)

Finally, a few years ago I gave up trying to grow my own houseplants and slowly started buying seasonal realistic-looking fake plants at craft stores when they came on sale and with coupons. I loved how easy they were to care for, as in no care at all!  After it dawned on me that cut flowers from the store and even those cut from my own garden would wilt and drop their pedals in just a few days inside in our hot dry climate, I started buying fake flowers, too. This summer I realized I have collected a houseful of them over the past few years, and I thought I'd share them with those of you who are also lacking a green thumb or live in a hot dry climate but yearn for the charm of houseplants and cut flowers.  

My collection of faux plants and flowers would complement any home for summer, but what makes them work especially well with my farmhouse decor are rustic farmhouse containers and vignettes like this wood toolbox with green mason jars.  

A plastic boxwood wreath paired with a collection of thrift store vases and my DIY rustic pedestal filled with lemons. 

Faux hydrangeas nestled in a DIY wood crate made out of weathered fence pickets.

Plastic succulent stems perched in milk jars and a primitive chickenwire basket from the craft store. 

A huge faux fern spilling over a vintage olive bucket. 

White lilies in a knobby green vase from Anthropologie.

Plastic heather tucked into a vintage copper cup. Who'd have thought a plastic plant could look so real? I'm convinced!

A mason jar of white tulips (too pretty just for spring.)

And my favorite, an enormous bouquet of faux wildflowers in a heavy French crock framed by my large black chalkboard.

After years of watering, pinching, picking up dead leaves, and the discouragement of watching my houseplants die in spite of my best efforts, I'm loving my faux plants. And no more expensive fresh flowers fading and wilting in just a few days in our hot dry summer climate. Mine last forever!  

Realistic faux plants and flowers are a sensible home decor investment and a wonderful way for us green thumb-challenged folks to bring the charm of greenery into our homes. 

I'm so glad you popped in to see what's going on with me today.

 Have an awesome summer day!

How about a summer party!

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