Mar 19, 2018

Happy Spring!

Happy spring, everybody!

I'm doing a quick hello on my blog today because tomorrow's the first day of spring, and I just can't miss celebrating it here with you!

There must be something extra magical about the transition to spring this year because today is the first twinge of motivation I've felt since having shoulder surgery a little over a month ago. Somehow, in the course of decorating our Christmas tree last December 2, I managed to tear my rotator cuff and bicep tendon. Ouch! I had surgery on February 16, and will be healing in this straight jacket sling for six weeks, followed by six more weeks of physical therapy. I should be back to 100% in about a year; just in time to decorate for Christmas again! 

What a klutz!

I've been parked on the sofa all day and sleeping in a recliner every night for a month so far - this sling only comes off for bathing, and I'm not going to lie - it sucks big time to lose the use of a limb. Amputees and paraplegics are my new heroes, and I have a huge new appreciation for this winter's Special Olympics athletes. They are superheroes

 Icing has become my biggest pastime, along with grumbling under my breath at my sling. (Oh man, do I HATE this thing. It gives me claustrophobia big time, and it wakes me up at night with panic attacks.) At the same time, though, I'm constantly sending up my thanks for the loving care I've received from my family and for how lucky I am to have expert medical care that will allow me to use my arm and hand again soon. 


My spring decorating today consisted of moving two small jars of flowers from a shelf to the dining room table and taking these one-handed phone photos of them. I'm typing this with my index finger. So very little, but so significant for me because I was starting to think I'd never get my mojo back.

So, HAPPY SPRING to you all!

I'm really feeling it today, and I hope you are, too!