Apr 25, 2016

Spring Break Road Trip to Red Lodge, Montana

Today, I'm sharing a few of the wide open Montana spaces my husband and I love so much. We hit the road recently to visit family in Red Lodge, Montana, and I tried to capture some of the scenery on my phone camera through the car windows as we sped along the highway.

  The Madison Mountain Range east of Ennis, Montana.

 Buffalo grazing near the pass between Ennis and Bozeman, Montana.

 Big Sky Country.

 The Absaroka Mountain Range south of Livingston, Montana.

 The Crazies north of Livingston, Montana.

Road trips aren't for everyone, but my husband and I cherish the long hours spent alone together talking about anything and everything as we watch the beautiful scenery pass by. 

How about you? Do you like to travel by car? Have you taken any spring road trips this year?

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