Dec 29, 2015

Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

This morning I woke up early while the house was still cold and dark and quiet. After turning up the furnace, I turned on the little Christmas tree lights out on our back deck and curled up under a blanket in a chair with my coffee to watch the sun rise over our little snow-covered yard and the hills beyond while our house warmed up.

Every winter we wrap some lights around a couple of tomato cages stuck upside down into the dirt of two plant pots on our deck by the steps. 

The tomato cage tree shapes are so plain and simple and scraggly that they remind us a little of Charlie Brown Christmas trees.

Sometimes plain and simple and scraggly is just perfect.

It's time for a party! 

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Dec 19, 2015

Christmas Home Tour 2015

Happy holidays, everyone!

I've been battling a bad cold since before Thanksgiving, and the past few days I have finally been feeling chipper enough to decorate for Christmas and take some photos. So, before Saint Nick comes to visit next week, here's our Christmas home tour!

My holiday Chalkboard was inspired by this Elli Party Invitation

I have almost all of my Christmas gifts purchased and delivered to our home thanks to internet shopping, and I've even been making some felt ornaments while sitting bundled up in my chair with a box of kleenex close at hand. My husband has been taking such good care of me while I'm under the weather! We're super excited to have our family from California coming next week to spend Christmas with us (safe travels, you guys) and I'm so thankful just to be feeling better and for their impending visit that I couldn't ask for anything more for Christmas. 

I have so much to catch up on in preparation for our Christmas and New Years celebrations that I probably won't have a chance to post on my blog again, so today I'm wishing all my dear followers and blog friends a very, very


May all your Christmas dreams come true! 

{See our 2014 Christmas Home Tour here.}

Note: I've received many questions about the woody pillow and red truck pictured here on our Christmas Home Tour. The "woody car crewel embroidered lumbar pillow" was a birthday gift last year from Pottery Barn, and the "red metal truck" was purchased at Hobby Lobby online.

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