Mar 28, 2014

This and That and Some Farmhouse Art for the Kitchen

Happy Friday, everybody! 

It was spring here in Boise a few days ago, so my husband and I made big plans for spending the weekend gardening in the warm sunshine. 

Turns out spring was just having a joke on us, though, because this is what it's doing today outside our back window. Looks like the garden will have to wait a bit!

I was shocked to see it's been almost three weeks since my last blog post, so I'm checking in today to share what I've been up to lately.

First of all, you might remember I started a food sensitivity test awhile back and then kind of left you hanging about the results. I'm happy to report today that so far it's been a great success! So good, in fact, that I continued on with the other steps in the book and am still working on them. When I'm done in another month or so, I'll share the whole journey with you.

 I've also been working on designing our master bathroom remodel. We've picked out all the surfaces and finishes, and my husband is searching for a contractor now. We were hoping for our wonderful kitchen contractor, but he's too backed up doing other jobs. Contractors who are experts at working on one hundred year-old homes are not easy to find, so I'm not sure just when we'll be starting, but I'll share my inspiration photos and plans soon.   

I've been pulling my hair out trying to choose a paint color for the living room walls. I'll share a whole post soon just on the technique I came up with to make my final decision, but here's my pick: Benjamin Moore White Dove.

I had to squint and use my hands to block out the bright Stuart Gold that's on the walls now, but when I saw these neutral textures and colors framed by the white, I knew I had the look I wanted. I haven't had white walls since living in an apartment, but I'm excited by the new challenge! 

Painting swatches all over the living room walls isn't the only thing I've been doing with paint. 

We took a couple of the old cabinets from our kitchen remodel and made a new cabinet for the living room that I chalk painted and waxed. I'll share the tutorial for this penny pinching project in an upcoming post.

I've also been purchasing a few accessories to nudge my traditional decor towards a more vintage farmhouse vibe, especially in the kitchen. So, may I introduce you to my new barnyard friends? 

I love a touch of whimsy, and these barnyard fellas make me smile every time I walk into the kitchen.

Green mason jars are finally on sale to the public. Green is my favorite color, so I was super excited to see these on display as I was leaving Michael's Craft Store the other day. I don't even need to put anything in them, I just love the color on my kitchen window sill, the perfect touch of spring green. 

Hear that, Spring? Green, not white like snow! 

I'm so glad you stopped by today so we could catch up, and I hope you have a wonderful spring weekend! 

I'd love you to come party with me!

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Mar 10, 2014

Spray Painting a 1990's Brass Chandelier

I was all fired up to take photos of some new kitchen artwork I got over the weekend, but it's so dark and cloudy outside I know the pictures won't turn out well. 

So instead, I'm sharing an oldie but goodie project today: my spray painted 1990's brass chandelier. 

This was the inexpensive brass chandelier we bought for our dining room around 1990. These fixtures were very popular back then for traditional dining rooms, but not so much anymore. You can often find them at thrift stores and yard sales for great prices, or you might even have one of your own collecting dust in your attic or basement.

When I needed better light in my kitchen and had an almost zero budget, I decided to remake our old brass one. I knew it would give off great light, and I thought the shape would fit my eclectic vintage French farmhouse look. 

I hung the chandelier from its chain on a shepherd's hook in our back yard. Other than removing the light bulbs and dusting it well, I didn't take anything apart or mask anything. I just went to town with a can of matte heirloom white spray paint and painted the entire chandelier with a couple quick light coats. (Multiple light coats when spray painting are best for even coverage while avoiding drips.) It only took one can of paint and about ten minutes. Hanging it from the shepherd's hook was great for moving around easily and spraying from all angles.

I bought a new white chain by-the-yard at Home Depot, where they cut it to length for me. I just threaded the cord through the new chain, and my husband wired it up where the old kitchen light fixture had been. 

I think it's so cute hanging in my kitchen now. With its six frosted bulbs, it provides lots of light for the whole room with its ten foot tall ceilings. 

We also installed a dimmer, so we can turn the kitchen chandelier down to a soft glow when we're eating by candlelight in the adjacent dining room.

If you need a new light fixture on a budget, keep an eye out for an old 1990's brass chandelier. It's an easy DIY project. You can spray paint it almost any color of the rainbow and hang it in any room of the house. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and keeping me company on my dark and rainy day! 

 Let's go party!

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