Sep 29, 2016

Missing Your Blog List?

Is your Blogger blog missing your blog list?  

My Partial Blog List

I freaked out just now when I went to my blog and saw my blog list (pictured above) missing. A blog list is a Google gadget that can be added to your Blogger blog layout. It allows us to add the urls of other blogs we want to share on our blog sidebars. I also use mine like a reader to keep up on all my blog friends. 
Google Blog List Gadget

I quickly hopped on google and searched for "blog list gadget is gone." I found the following information on the blogger help forum, but I can't vouch for its accuracy. It says blogger is working on restoring the gadgets, but it might take a while. 

Screen shot of Blogger Help Forum

My blog list is my only record of the blogs I follow ever since I stopped using my blog reader after their most recent inconvenient update. So you can imagine how upsetting it is to me that it's gone. I'm kicking myself that I didn't keep a written backup list somewhere.

It's not too late, though! I did what another poster on the Blogger help forum recommended to do to at least salvage my blog list as a reference in case it's not put back. Here are the steps:

Search for your blog on Google.
Click on the little arrow next to your blog's name.
Choose cached from the drop down menu.
Take screen shots of the blog list (or write it down) from that cached copy of your blog.

Unfortunately, I added a few blogs to my list since my chached blog copy of a few weeks ago, and I'll have to try and remember them myself, but most of them are there. From now on I'll keep an up to date list of the blogs I follow, just in case. I'm happy to at least have screen shots of my list this evening. 

I'm hoping Google is able to restore our blog list gadgets intact. Google does a fabulous job providing us with a free platform for our blogs, and I'm sure they're working hard on it. 

{Note: Hurrah! My blog list was restored on October 7th!}

Sep 16, 2016

My Lazy Days Fall Decor

I have a secret to share with you today...

I haven't decorated my home for fall yet! 

It's not that I haven't noticed fall is coming. The leaves aren't quite changing colors here yet, but I can definitely feel it in the air; a cool crispness in the mornings. I sat and looked at the summer flowers on the family room ottoman this morning as I drank my coffee, thinking to myself that I really should change them out to an autumnal arrangement, but there I sat - unmoving and (dare I say it?) unmotivated. 

As I got up to put my empty coffee cup in the dishwasher, I stopped suddenly and gazed down the hallway from the family room towards the dining room and noticed the light in there looked different. I realized with a smile that fall decor had found its way into my home all by itself without me changing a thing.

Something you may not realize about our home is that it's surrounded by tall shade trees and gets very little natural light. Most of my blog photos of our home have been shot on a tripod with long exposures and wide open shutters and then light-edited a lot

So, trust me when I tell you, the little glimpses of sunlight you see in these photos are very exciting to me! They mean the sun is moving low enough in the southern sky to slant through the tree branches and enter my home with the soft glow of fall - my very favorite fall decor!

So no new autumn flower arrangements today (and no tripod and light editing, either!) I just grabbed my camera this morning to share what I see, the soft glow of my lazy days fall decor!

Even Tucker is glowing today!

Thank you, fall sunshine!