Sep 29, 2016

Missing Your Blog List?

Is your Blogger blog missing your blog list?  

My Partial Blog List

I freaked out just now when I went to my blog and saw my blog list (pictured above) missing. A blog list is a Google gadget that can be added to your Blogger blog layout. It allows us to add the urls of other blogs we want to share on our blog sidebars. I also use mine like a reader to keep up on all my blog friends. 
Google Blog List Gadget

I quickly hopped on google and searched for "blog list gadget is gone." I found the following information on the blogger help forum, but I can't vouch for its accuracy. It says blogger is working on restoring the gadgets, but it might take a while. 

Screen shot of Blogger Help Forum

My blog list is my only record of the blogs I follow ever since I stopped using my blog reader after their most recent inconvenient update. So you can imagine how upsetting it is to me that it's gone. I'm kicking myself that I didn't keep a written backup list somewhere.

It's not too late, though! I did what another poster on the Blogger help forum recommended to do to at least salvage my blog list as a reference in case it's not put back. Here are the steps:

Search for your blog on Google.
Click on the little arrow next to your blog's name.
Choose cached from the drop down menu.
Take screen shots of the blog list (or write it down) from that cached copy of your blog.

Unfortunately, I added a few blogs to my list since my chached blog copy of a few weeks ago, and I'll have to try and remember them myself, but most of them are there. From now on I'll keep an up to date list of the blogs I follow, just in case. I'm happy to at least have screen shots of my list this evening. 

I'm hoping Google is able to restore our blog list gadgets intact. Google does a fabulous job providing us with a free platform for our blogs, and I'm sure they're working hard on it. 

{Note: Hurrah! My blog list was restored on October 7th!}


  1. Whew! It scared me to bits when mine was gone today! But I am glad I am not in this alone! Thanks for providing the idea to copy them down.

  2. I was wondering where your blog list had gone! Thanks for the info/update ~ I hope it gets cleared up fast!!!

    How are you liking our heat?!?!

  3. You can also use Bloglovin to follow just the blogs you want to. Blogger/Google keeps changing up the game...

  4. I have Google For 7 years neve have problem
    To post in my blog.
    Good look

  5. Oh, boy! What an inconvenience! It happened to me once, but it only lasted a couple of hours and then the list came back up. Hope they work it out for you quickly. Enjoy your weekend! Maria

  6. I just found out mine is gone too. Thanks to your post, I used the cached page and copied all the links. I hope they fix it soon.

  7. My blog list is still there thank goodness. I hate to go fixing things when something goes wrong. Thanks for the info about that Laurel! Hope Autumn is going well for you. I bet the colors around your city are just beautiful this time of the year!

  8. Thanks for the info and the helpful tip!

  9. Mine is gone too!! Anyhoo...I write a quilting blog put happy to have found your blog as I live in Ontario...and love to walk through the north end whenever we are in Boise! Can't wait for the LIttle house tour coming up this month! We lice in s beautiful colonial home...wish you could brainstorm decorating with me as our while first floor is hovered with ugly wallpaper from previous owners. Lol!!! Love your home. V

  10. I saw that Melanie of Comfy House posted the same problem. But, then I noticed that by the time I read it, the blog roll was back.

  11. It's now October 8th and mine still isn't back. But maybe I'll give it a few days. Thanks for posting this!

  12. Today is October 10th and I just decided to add everything back myself. Of course, I probably forgot some blogs because I had manually added some over the years but hopefully I got most of them. So frustrating because I actually use that blog list to click over and read each day!

  13. Hey your blogroll is back!! YEAh!! Did google do it...or did you??


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