Jul 19, 2017

Annie's Wedding

Hello, friends! Summer is just whizzing by us here in Boise!  We had a fabulous 4th of July celebration with out of town family and are now settling in for a calm and quiet rest of the summer. 

Today, I'm sharing a few photographs from my daughter's wedding. Annie designed and put on her entire wedding herself, with help from her sister and me. She started planning twelve months before and even though it was our first experience putting on a large celebration, bringing it all together was fun and pretty stress-free. 

That is, until the epic winter of 2017 decided to drop record breaking snowfall that melted and swelled our local Boise river to flooding well into June. A week and a half before Annie's June 3 wedding, the parks department called us to say our beautiful riverside park venue was under water and we'd have to find another place for the wedding. They tried to relocate us to another park, but every single one was already reserved for that popular Spring day in June. People, like us, who had functions planned for our beautiful park system all up and down the river were desperately searching for new locations as the river rose higher and higher. 

We were so lucky that my other daughter and her husband live right next to their own small neighborhood park! We all met there to re-plan the ceremony and reception for the new location and simply decided to make the very best of it. Annie adjusted the vision she had for her wedding and we scrambled to rent what we needed to make the new park work. She was such a trooper in the face of disappointment, and I've never been more proud of her. Her sister and husband also stepped up and went the extra mile to get their park side yard ready for serving reception refreshments by planting flowers and even installing a gate between their yard and the park so guests could move freely back and forth. All of us got busy phoning, texting, and emailing the new address to the one hundred guests.

And it all turned out perfectly. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day or a more beautiful wedding. Here are some photos! (Photography by Verse & Venture.)

My husband and I feel like the luckiest parents in the world with our two beautiful daughters now married to two such wonderful men. Having our children find their perfect soul mates has been one of life's highlights for us, and having these fine young men become part of our close family is truly a joy. 

I'm so glad you stopped by to share Annie's wedding with us today. Thank you for coming!