Jan 13, 2016

Winter Decor

Hello friends! I hope everyone is enjoying a great start to the new year! 

Today, I'm sharing my post-holiday winter decor with pops of turquoise and white, inspired by our new ottoman from World Market. For my wintry look I wandered around the house one day after I packed up our holiday decorations and gathered up anything I could find that was white or turquoise and had a wintry "feel."  

Then I just sprinkled it all around the living room.

My winter chalkboard was inspired by Barb's free printable over at The Everyday Home. I still think chalkboards are lots of fun, and I'm getting pretty good at drawing mine free-hand with all the practice I've had. 

A big bag of Epsom's salts from the grocery store makes economical "snow" to put in glass jars with candles and for sprinkling on trays. The little white crackled bowl resting on a carved wooden stand was a gift years ago from my old friend and neighbor, Susan, a talented ceramics artist.

An extra furry pillow and cozy throw is tucked into the olive bucket. The block print folk art bear is by my daughter, Annie, who has a degree in illustration. 

The "snowballs" are dollar store foam balls from my craft room.

My husband gifted me eight of Pottery Barn's beautiful bird plates this year for Christmas, and they were so pretty on our Christmas dinner table. I couldn't bear to put them away in a cupboard the next day, so I chose my favorite to display here for the rest of winter.

This is the first time I've decorated with so much turquoise. It's a strong color that doesn't take a lot to pop against a neutral backdrop. I'm loving this bright fun look for chasing away the dark cold days of winter. 

Thanks so much for stopping in today to see what I've been up to around the cottage. I hope you stay warm and have a great day!

It's never too cold to party, so put on your mittens and let's get going!