Jan 21, 2013

Ordering A Blogroll

The blogroll on my blog's sidebar helps me keep track of my
 favorite blogs and share them with my readers. 

We've been in a zero degree deep freeze up here in Boise the
past few days, so I had plenty of time to go down my blogroll 
list and visit every single blog, catching-up on all the wonderful
posts I missed while I've been away the past couple of months.

Tucker enjoyed it, too!

While visiting my favorites, I found lots of fabulous new blogs
to add to my blogroll. But as I watched my list grow longer and
longer, I wondered how I'd ever have the time again to keep up
with them all.  

Happily, I found out I don't have to continue clicking on each
blog in the list to open it and see if I'm up-to-date. I've learned
how to reconfigure my blogroll in blogger to show which blogs
have new posts and how long ago each one was updated,
placing the most recently updated one on top of the list. 

It was as easy as clicking on the little tool icon at the bottom of
my blogroll and changing the following two options:

 So, now that I'm all caught up with my favorite blogs, I can
quickly check the list from the top down each day or so and
visit only those with new posts. 

Easy Peasy!

I hope you'll visit some of the great blogs over on my new orderly blogroll

Thanks so much for stopping by today



  1. I am so done with this freezing weather we are having right now...please warm up! I hope you are staying warm!


  2. It's in the 20s here - sounds like a heat wave compared to your temps!

    I've got my blogroll set up the same way - I even know when you've added a new post!


  3. Hahaha! I love the title of your post! I do the same thing, but I also use my blogger dashboard as a newsfeed. Stay warm!

  4. I just want to kiss that little tucker's nose!

  5. That's quite an accomplishment to catch up on all your blogs. Thanks for stopping by to visit me.
    Mary Alice

  6. I have that and it's very nice, since the most recent post will show on top. I opted for not show the thumbnail. I see the name of the blogger, their icon and the title of the post. I may switch back again to show the thumbnails of the posts.
    Your dog is adorable!!!What a sweet thing.

  7. I think it's time for bed as I'm feeling like Tucker looks!! I need to remember to go through my reader thingie. I often just click on my favourites on my blogroll and I know I'm missing out on some great stuff. Between blogs and Pinterest it keeps a girl busy! Stay warm and cozy! :)

  8. Laurel, this is a great idea! I have mine set up in alphabetical order, but you are right, your way is much easier to keep up with. Stay warm and have a wonderful week!

  9. I try to keep my blogroll orderly, and they do appear by the latest blog post, but my problem is that there are so many beautiful blogs out there and I keep adding more to my list. It's getting quite long! So much inspiration; so little time! :0
    Have a wonderful week,

  10. Thanks for this nifty little tip of information. I'm going to go do this now. Have a great week!! ~ Jamie
    P.S. We're at 8 degrees here in good ole' West Michigan. Brrr!

  11. I keep adding more and more...love so many blogs!
    Sweet Tucker, he's a cutie!


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