Jun 17, 2013

Summer Breeze Doorstops

Summer at my house means an open front door to capture the summer breeze. 

The breeze flows all the way through our shotgun floor plan from front door to back door, and it's lovely!

Sometimes the breeze gets a bit frisky, and we all jump when these double doors between the dining room and kitchen slam closed. 

Last week, after the doors slammed shut and my heart finished pounding with fright yet again, I decided to make some summer breeze doorstops.

I love cast iron doorstops, especially in the shape of cute Scotty dogs. But these doors are also outside our master bedroom, and I imagined us stubbing our bare toes on heavy solid doorstops on our way to the kitchen for a glass of water in the dark of night. 


Soft doorstops seemed more toe friendly. 

I used craft supplies I already had on hand to make my doorstops, so they also have the bonus of being free. First, I sewed two simple drawstring bags by hand using burlap, embroidery floss, and twine.

I cut a piece of muslin a bit smaller than an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of card stock and scotch taped it to the card stock all around. 

 Then ran it through my inkjet printer and printed my favorite bunny graphic right onto the muslin. 

 I cut the bunnies out and used double stick fusible web and my iron to adhere the muslin to the burlap. 

I double bagged some dry garden soil and slipped it inside the burlap bags for weight. 

Two cute summer breeze doorstops that are safe for bare toes. 

One for each side of the dining room doors. 

I like neutrals these days, but you could also make these doorstops with cute calico bags and vegetable seed packet labels for a farm house look or blue, red, and white stripes and a star fish graphic for a beach house. The possibilities are endless!

Let the summer breeze in! 


  1. Laurel, that's such an attractive way to make something that is practical. I'd love to have the doors open here but the breeze would be about 98 degrees. I'll stick with the AC. :)

  2. What a cute way to solve your problem and save your toes at the same time! Love the familiar faced bunny! Funny how we can live with something for the longest time and then decide we've had enough. And often the solution is pretty darn simple. Then we ask ourselves what took us so long!

  3. Very clever idea ! And toe stub friendly! :) What a nice house you have...

  4. Great idea! Love the graphic you used!!

  5. What a wonderfully cute idea! I just love your house.

  6. Love those door stoppers!! You are very clever! Your house looks lovely and Summery!

  7. Love your doorsteps! Your home is so beautiful! I wish we could leave our doors open. Humidity would kills us! LOL Enjoy your nice weather!

  8. These are so fun and very pretty! Great idea, love them!! I also like your table and chairs and the light over the table.


  9. Hi Laurel
    It has been sooo long since I did any looking or Blogging but I am hoping to get back at it(now that I am retired:)). Your door stops are wonderful. Such a great Idea.

  10. You are so creative, Laurel! These doorstops are adorable - and perfect for letting those summer breezes flow through your home!

  11. Laurel, your doorstops are darling! And a great idea! I love having our doors open but the Spring let's in the pollen and the summer is too hot. I have begged my husband for years to put a screen on my office door but it's never gotten done....ugh! Have a super great weekend. ~

  12. I love your sweet little doorstops. Such a creative solution for capturing those summer breezes!

  13. I featured your cute little doorstops on Mod Mix Monday today at Mod Vintage Life.

  14. These are so so cute, Laurel!!
    Thanks so much for dropping by a while ago, I haven't been online in a couple of months. Life's been hectic, to say the least. I hope to start catching up soon, once our Canadian birthday weekend is over. We celebrate our birthday on July 1st.
    Have a Happy 4th of July!
    Debbie :)


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