Jan 29, 2014

Super Bowl Party Food

 The Super Bowl is this Sunday!

At our house, a big part of Super Bowl fun is eating great party food while we watch the game on TV. I'm all about creating do-ahead recipes that can be quickly pulled out of the fridge or oven, so I'm not stuck in the kitchen missing all the fun. I'm also a big fan of easy-to-eat finger foods and simple individual servings for a casual and festive atmosphere. 

Today, I'm sharing some fun snack ideas for your Super Bowl Party!

{Click over to the source beneath each photo for ingredients and recipes.} 

 Buffalo and Blue Cheese Lit'l Smokies from

 Veggie Dip Cups from

 Whiskey and BBQ Meatballs from

 Football Deviled Eggs from

 Mini Reuben Appetizers from

 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Footballs from

 Individual Raspberry Brownie Trifles from

 Kettle Corn Favors from

For even more great football party food ideas visit my Friday Finds post from last fall:

I hope you've been inspired to make up some delicious snacks for the big game on Sunday. Even if you're not a big football fan or your favorite teams aren't in the game this year, it's always fun to party with friends and family, watch the commercials, and eat great food. 



  1. Yummo! I'm never gonna lose that baby weight... ;) ~ Jamie

  2. Sounds delicious! I'd be over, but I'm in Portland til the 7th!!! Have a great time ~

  3. The food looks fantastic! I have to admit that one of the nicest things about being divorced is never having to hear another ball game on TV.

  4. The veggies in the glass are good for me!

  5. I love all those football themed snacks! I'm looking forward to the super bowl (even though my team didn't make it - drat!).

  6. Thanks for the mention, Laurel --- great collection!

  7. Great options! We made chili, cornbread, quiche, veggies, dips etc...always a fun day!

  8. Great ideas! I love the veggie cups and strawberry footballs.....I bet you are having fun eating left overs today!!


  9. Fabulous party food... thank you for sharing these with us, Laurel!

  10. I thought of your great appetizers while I was making cookies for the superb owl party. I wanted to make sweets because I remember last year the hostess only had savory and I need my sweets.

  11. What a great list of superbowl party food... my favorite time of year to eat while watching football!


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