Feb 25, 2014

New Kitchen Bar Stools

I was organizing some of my photos from December today and realized I never shared our bar stools for our new kitchen with you. We hunted far and wide for the perfect bar stools last fall and then literally found them right under our noses.

We loved the looks of the industrial style metal bar stools we've been seeing everywhere lately, but they just weren't very comfortable to us.

And we thought we wanted backs on our bar stools, too, until we realized those were hard to turn around in if they didn't swivel just right.


So we sat on a lot of bar stools in a lot of stores and were starting to feel a bit like Goldilocks. Nothing we sat on felt just right.

We hadn't considered this style at all until we happened to sit on them at a shop counter while looking at tables in the shop's furniture catalog. All of a sudden we realized they were cushier and comfier than any other bar stools we'd tried.

They were just right!

We asked if they were for sale, and it turned out they are the store's best selling item. The factory that manufactures them in California was in the process of moving, so we had to wait a while, but they came just in time for Christmas. We really love them. They're solidly built out of hardwood, nice and heavy, with top grain leather seats.


You'll probably laugh, but I was thinking about painting the wood legs with white chalk paint and antiquing the nail heads with rub n buff. When I mentioned it at dinner the night the bar stools arrived my family shouted, "NO!" in unison! I'm glad they did because now I like them just the way they are.

Scared 'em, though! 

Note: I have received a few requests about where our bar stools were purchased. We ordered them from a locally owned shop called Renditions here in Boise. Their website can be found here. I have also seen very similar ones in the Grandin Road catalog and at their website here. Happy shopping!

It's a great day for a party!

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  1. What a great find! Comfort is important and I love the way the stools tuck so nicely under the counter. And every time time I see your kitchen, it just makes me smile!

  2. Your kitchen is so cute, warm and cozy and with the great looking stools is simply pertfect...and I also love it that you left them in the Wood color, I'm not too crazy about all the White painted furniture!

  3. I like how they look with the wood counter tops!

  4. These are very classy and fun. I love the nail head trim and the leather will not only look chic it will be easy to clean up!
    I am still i love with those countertops!

  5. They look wonderful! Are you enjoying our great weather??? :)))

  6. They do look comfy, and really, if they are really beautiful but not comfy, no one's going to use them. But these are both!

  7. Oh I love them and I really love your kitchen too. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. Great stools, but my oh, my I want your cute kitchen!

  9. Your stools are great. Nothing like comfort in the seat! They look wonderful in your gorgeous kitchen.
    So glad you didn't paint them. These are perfect!

  10. The stools look great Laurel! I loved the reference to Goldilocks since that's really what it's like trying to find the most comfortable piece of furniture. The kitchen has really transformed with the remodel and I love every bit of it!

  11. Love the curved shape and style, Laurel. Having the opportunity to try them out is also great! Juuuuuuuuuuust right! :)

  12. Oh yes, Goldilocks - those are just right - perfect, actually! I love the way they look in your room. They have a lot of style without taking over the space.

  13. It looks perfect Laurel! Just a bit of caution on the steps, you might want to add a stainless protectors on those to avoid getting them knicked or scratched. But if you love patina and worn-down look, just disregard my comment ;-)

  14. Laurel these are great stools and I think you made the right decision not to paint the legs. The contrast is so pretty and works so well with the countertops. Glad you found the perfect fit.


  15. I love them just the way they are too! They look great in there!

  16. I love the bar stools - those nail heads look great. I also love the view from the kitchen to the rest of the house. You have done a fantastic job.

  17. Laurel,
    These are so great. Comfy and pretty. They look awesome.

  18. I just love your kitchen! It always makes me smile. Cute bar stools!

  19. Love your barstools! They are so pretty and they do look comfy. Mind sharing the maker? I'm going to be shopping for some backless barstools for my new house.

  20. Laurel those look perfect in your space! Thanx for partying lady!:)

  21. Just wanted to let you know that you are featured on my Inspire Me linky party. Be sure to come by and grab your featured button. Hugs, Marty

  22. I am a new follower on your facebook, pinterest and blog. I like your 'find us on facebook' button. How did you get that? Facebook fan pages are still a learning experience for MAY DAYS. Cheers! Rita

  23. They look perfect in your beautiful kitchen Laurel!!!
    Congrats on the feature at Savvy Southern Style :)

  24. Those barstools go perfectly in your beautiful kitchen! I love how they fit right up under your bar and don't take up a lot of room. I'm new to your blog, so now I'm off to explore some more of your pretty posts!

  25. Great bar stools but I'm LOVING your kitchen! Beautiful!

  26. I can totally relate! I bought 3 different counter height stools before I got it right! Yours look like the perfect fit for your wonderful retro kitchen!

  27. I just found you through Savvy Southern Style. I love the bar stools. I like the way they curve to fit your bottom. I agree with your family about painting them. I love your kitchen.

  28. Love them, Laurel! I see that I commented on them before and now that I am searching for some, I see them in a whole new way! I like the way yours show up against the white cabinets. I actually ordered leather swatches from Grandin Road for bar stools in our ski house. I ended up buying Pier One for that house but I still have the swatches. Just my luck, the one color they didn't send me is the 'desert'. I think because I ordered swatches for different stools...anyway I should see if I can get that one because it might work if the Kirklands' one doesn't look sturdy enough. Decisions, decisions.


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