May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day to you! 

To celebrate the first day of May I'm sharing my favorite part of my spring garden. 

This corner of our garden is always the first to show signs that spring has arrived. My daughters gave me this Bleeding Heart, so of course it's my favorite flower in the garden.  

These are our very first blossoms from our new little Eastern Redbud Tree we planted last summer.


This corner has always been pink and white in the spring.


Next to the Redbud Tree and the Bleeding Heart is a lilac tree. 


For years this lilac has been struggling under the shade of our big locust tree. 


But since we had that tree cut down last year, it's happily basking in the sun it needs and putting out lots of new limbs. 


I never wanted to rob it of its few blooms in years past, but this year there's more than enough to cut and bring indoors.


As I sit here writing this post in my studio, I'm surrounded by the sweet scent of lilacs. 


Tucked into a mason jar high up on a shelf with the birds.

Nothing says May Day like lilacs!

Elizabeth and Co.

I'm so happy to announce that my good friend Sharon is hosting her Elizabeth & Company Garden Parties again this year. I'm heading over there right now, and I sure hope you'll join me!

Happy May Day!

Don't stop partying! This week I'm also over at




  1. So glad that Spring is finally here in Idaho! That corner of your yard looks so pretty! Happy May to you!


  2. Oh how beautiful Laurel! And wow, your blooms are much farther along than mine. I love that your lilac is now thriving. The cuttings look amazing in the green mason jars, I must get some of those. Bleeding heart is one of my favorites too. And funny thing, I just helped a friend move this week and I dug up three bleeding heart and moved them to my garden. I love having plants in my garden that remind me of special people in my life! ... I love having special friends in the blog world too! ... Can't wait to watch your gardens evolve this summer!

  3. Hi Lsurel your Spring garden is so beautiful a love your Lilacs
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog

  4. Hi Laurel, Happy May!! Beautiful pics and flowers. I would love to add a lilac bush to my garden. Yours is doing great!! Love the cuttings in the mason jars. Green is so fresh and pretty. Enjoy your pretty garden and have a great weekend.
    Hugs and Blessings!

  5. Oh, what a lovely and delightful yard you have! I love lilacs and bleeding hearts, but they don't grow here in our AZ desert. We have had a couple of months of blissful weather with beautiful blooms, but it is soon to come to an abrupt end. We have been inching toward the century mark and it's due to land here on Sunday. Let the "long hot summer" begin!

  6. Happy May Day Laurel. I am a big fan of lilacs and their fragrance. Such beautiful pictures and I love the shelf and the vignette.


  7. Oh I love it Laurel! Isn't sping just majestic?! Your pictures are really lovely but of course, you have such amazing subjects too! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Looks like you are a gardener??? I would love to have you link up sometime to Fishtail Cottage's Seasonal Garden party??? oxxo, tracie

  9. Bleeding hearts and lilacs are two of my favorites (I also love lily of the valley)! I'm jealous that your home is scented with lilac right now - I'm not sure when well get those around here - not soon enough!

  10. So glad you decided to link up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party!!!! Can't wait to see your gardens again and again throughout the season! Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo

  11. I am so glad that spring is finally alive and well in your area. Enjoy all that beauty.

  12. Beautiful Laurel! I love lilacs. My lilac bush hasn't started to bloom yet but I can't wait! Enjoy your week!

  13. Happy May Day back to you! It is so beautiful to look at the true fresh signs of spring. We are still enduring 'Old Man Winter' as we woke up yesterday morning to a fresh blanket of snow--25cm!!!! This happens almost every year,and usually much later,so I guess we aren't out of the woods yet. But I am ready for spring!!! Thanks so much for sharing a little piece of yours :)

  14. So pretty! I'm still waiting for things to bloom around here ...

    Love the mason jar vase - share with my Mason Jar Crafts Love FB fans too!

    :) Linda

  15. Beautiful flowers. I have always wanted a bleeding heart....flower, of course...LOL Your vignette is gorgeous. Happy May day to you too.

  16. Happy Mother's Day to you. Thank you for the beautiful images!

  17. I love all the purple and green together, Laurel! Such perfect spring colors. So I planted my organic veggie garden. Just a few plants right now and I'll do the rest Memorial day weekend. Any tips or advice would be awesome! You have such a way with plants and flowers. Have a wonderful spring, friend! ~ Jamie


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