Jun 12, 2014

DIY Garden Signs

I love signs of all kinds, and I have quite a collection of them on my Pinterest.

When I was taking photos of my garden the other day, I thought the side of our shed was looking a little bare. It must be time to try my hand at one of those sign tutorials I've been squirreling away!

I cut some plywood that was laying around in our wood pile on the side of the house into two 12" x 24" boards. I sanded them lightly and painted both of them with some plain old white latex paint we also had laying around. I wanted my signs to look old and weathered, so I painted them haphazardly, letting the wood show through the paint as though the paint had worn off naturally.

I used a ruler to figure out the spacing and letter size that would work best for the size of boards I had, then I found a couple of fonts I liked and used Photoshop to size the letters to my measurements. (Picmonkey is an online program you can use if you don't have a photo editor.) I printed out multiple pages for the large sized letters and taped them together. I used the scribbling pencil method of transfer to transfer the letters to the boards, where you cover the backs of the letters with pencil lead, turn the page over, tape it to your board and trace the letters.


I've never painted letters before, and I thought it would be a bit tricky, but it was easy peasy. I used a couple of artist brushes from my stash and good quality craft paint. It only took one coat, and the paint leveled out and covered beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was, and I enjoyed catching up on a bunch of House Hunters International while I worked at my desk. It was very relaxing!

When everything was dry I used sand paper for distressing and a spray sealer for outdoors.

The Fresh Flowers sign is hanging on the shed in a corner over the daisies and some other perennials.

 I should have waited until the daisies were blooming to share, but I'm not very good at waiting.

The other sign I made was inspired by one created by Kristen over at Jennifer Rizzo. She shared her design and fonts, so all I had to do was download them and blow them up in Photoshop. 

The Fresh Produce sign is hanging on the wall of the house over the raised beds where our tomatoes and herbs grow in our other little side yard.

I'm so glad I finally got around to trying my hand at making my own sign. It turned out to be a really fun and easy project, and I'm looking forward to making more for inside the house, too. 

Need some ideas to make your own sign? Check out my Signs Pinterest Board, and happy painting! 


  1. You did such a great job! I think you're a natural. You have found a new calling.

  2. You did a great job, Laurel! I made a sign this year also, using the same transfer method, and really enjoyed it, too. I am not artistic by any means and was pleased with the way mine turned out. I wish I had a shed to hang signs on! I could make a bunch. : ) I do hope to make more at some point.

  3. Love it! Every year I plan to paint some type of flower sign for our garage because it was a floral shop during the 70's and 80's. Your sign would be perfect!

  4. Oh how cute Laurel! Your signs are just perfect for the garden and you did a great job! You make me want to go make some signs!

  5. Good job, Laurel! These fit so perfectly in your garden!

  6. Laurel,
    These signs area awesome and look great in your garden. Have a wonderful week end.

  7. They're both great! - and why wait?

  8. How inspiring! When we get the house reno projects finished (does this ever happen??), I'm going to work on some fun projects like this.

  9. Laurel, I love the garden signs! Now that's its summer, it's time to be outside more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. love these signs...I need one for my potting bench!! xoox

  11. Laurel, your signs are beautiful! I love making them also, thank you for the inspiration!

  12. I love signs too! Yours look so good. They're both fabulous. I just finished one for my kitchen.


  13. beautiful job Laurel! Your signs are marvelous and I love how they look hanging on your building!


  14. What beautiful signs, Laurel! I really should put one up somewhere because I love the way they look!

  15. I love your signs. I've just recently started making signs for my garden. I'm visiting from Cottage Garden Party

  16. You are so talented! Love it Laurel!

  17. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing them with us at the Outdoor Extravaganza link up- I'm featuring you on my blog tomorrow:)


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