Oct 23, 2014

Glowing Pumpkins Halloween Banner

Halloween is sneaking up on me this year, and I've just started making some fun new decorations for our home. 

You may have noticed I love decorating with banners for different seasons and holidays. This is our command central chalkboard in our back hallway between the kitchen and family room. 

Even when our chalkboard is covered with shopping lists and errands needing to be run, this cute banner says Happy Halloween.

And it was super easy to make.

I found these plastic pumpkins for half off at the craft store. Only $1.00 for six!

I cut a length of ribbon I already had on hand (string would work, too) to fit across my chalkboard with a little extra to wrap around to the back. Then I just tied the pumpkins onto the ribbon and taped the ends to the back of the chalkboard. Really easy, and so cute! While I was looking up at the banner after I hung it up, I thought how cool it would be if the pumpkins would light-up at night. 

Then I remembered I had these little battery-run flameless tea light candles in my candle cupboard. Luckily, they fit the openings in the top of the pumpkins perfectly, so all I had to do was turn them on and drop them in. You can find these little lights for about $6.00 at the craft store, and I know you're going to use your half-off coupon to get them for even less. So you can make your cordless glowing pumpkin banner for under $5.00!

Those little tea lights create quite a lot of glow. 

My nephew's little boys are coming for dinner Sunday, and I just know they'll love these.

So festive and cute!

They'll be perfect for hanging on our front porch to welcome trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, too. 

And speaking of front porches, I snapped a photo this morning to show you how quickly our maple trees turned red this year. Last week, when I shared our autumn front porch, all the leaves were still green! We've never seen them change colors so quickly before. 

I love fall!

I'm so glad you stopped by to see my glowing pumpkins Halloween banner. 

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Laura, what a great idea for a banner. too cute and clever!

    Your nephew's little tykes are going to love it!

  2. What a great, glowing banner!!

    It's been raining yellow river birch leaves here for the last 2 days ~ both our trees are half nekkid!

    Go Broncos!

  3. What a cute idea Laurel! Another one I could do to my home - kid-friendly and cute! Love the view outside too, our maple is already brown and gone.

  4. I LOVE your porch. It's just gorgeous. Do you spend much time there? It seems people lucky enough to have them, hardly ever use them. I just don't get it :)

  5. What a pretty view of your front porch, Laurel! You've put together a fun Halloween garland and inexpensively, too!

  6. So cute, Laurel! Olivia would never stop looking at those if I tried to make your banner. She would say "wastha" ("what's that?" about a million times). LOVE the idea so much. Have a good weekend, my friend! ~ Jamie

  7. This is a fabulous idea! I am sharing it as part of a collection of Halloween ideas from our party tomorrow. Thanks so much for linking up with us at Your Turn to Shine! Jamie | anderson + grant

  8. That is one cute and clever little pumpkin garland! I just might have to steal that idea. At our house on Main Street, there is only one outlet per room, so lighting is difficult. This would be so cute for our fall sale next year!

  9. And of course your home looks so pretty framed by the beautiful color of your maple tree!


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