Nov 14, 2014

First Snow of November!

Hello there! 

I've been taking a short blog break and am super happy to be back today. I'm one of those bloggers who blogs spontaneously whenever I feel moved to grab my camera and share something I think you might like to see. It's so wonderful to feel that creative urge, and mostly it strikes fairly often. 

Since Halloween I've been cleaning and organizing my home for the upcoming holidays, though. No creative urges going on here while cleaning and scrubbing and organizing closets. 

But today we had our first big snow here in Boise, and the first thing I did after looking out the window this morning was grab my camera.

This view is looking across the street from our front window. Isn't my neighbor's gray house so pretty covered with snow? LOVE the snow! It's been snowing all day long, and this is the most we've ever had in November. 

Here's our little garden shed wearing white. I spent Tuesday morning cutting back the daisies and lavender just in time before the temperatures dipped into the twenties the next day. No more fresh flowers now!

Tucker absolutely adores playing in the snow. His fur is so thick, I don't think he even feels the snowflakes on his back.

Tomorrow we'll take him snowshoeing with us. Snowshoeing is one of my favorite activities, and I can't wait to get out there. 

These are the red berries that grow over the gate in our side yard just outside the dining room window. Some of you have asked me what they are. Twenty-four years ago we had a cold snap of -25 degrees that killed all of the Pyracanthas in our area, so when we planted more berries I made sure to plant ones that were even hardier! I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure this one we planted is a Cotoneaster. It has little white flowers in spring and keeps its leaves and bright orange berries all winter long. 

Here's the view from my phone camera looking out my craft room window just now. I'm so glad I'm done with my housework and chores because I'm feeling another creative urge coming on!

Happy Snow Day!



  1. It looks serene and beautiful! I didn't get a chance to get out and cut my plants back due to the ankle surgery. Don't know when I'll get back out there now.

  2. Can you believe this snow? I had a snow day today which makes it even better! Stay warm my friend and happy creating!


  3. Wow, and to think I was doing a double take at what I thought was fluff floating around while I sat at a red light yesterday! : ) We did have a few flurries that amounted to nothing. It does look beautiful, Laurel, but I am definitely not ready for snow, especially this early. You have described how I have been feeling about blogging recently. Not much worth sharing going on here and I haven't had too much that I have been creating. Although, now that we are gearing up for holiday mode, that should be changing soon - I hope!

  4. Looks so pretty! We haven't had our first snow up here yet. I'm sure it won't be long.

  5. This snow is crazy!! They are saying 5 in., but we have drifts up to 12" +!!
    Drive careful; stay safe & warm!

    PS ~ another late game... :(

  6. I love snow! Your pics all look so beautiful! Olivia said "snow" for the first time this week when she saw snow for the first time! It was so adorable teaching her what it was. We don't have anywhere near as much snow as you though. ~ Jamie

  7. How pretty, Laurel! We had our first flurries last night and my kids were thrilled! Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!

  8. I LOVE snowshoeing! The snow looks so pretty. Have a happy weekend!

  9. Have fun. That weather looks horrible to me. Here on the coast of California we are wearing shorts !we love it.

  10. Hi Laurel, The first snowfall is always so pretty. You captured some great pics. Tucker looks like he is having a great time running in the snow!! Have fun snowshoeing.

  11. I love the snow Laural...these shots are beautiful!! I especially love the one looking out your dining room window at the berry tree...gorgeous!! Tucker looks like he's enjoying himself...too cute!

  12. Snow already, not sure I'm ready for that. Very cold today and middle of next week even colder. Happy Tucker had fun.


  13. The snow photos are beautiful.. I especially love the one looking out the window at the red berries covered with snow.
    Enjoy the snowshoeing.

  14. Looks similar to the weather we have had here this past week! Have fun snowshoeing - it is one of our favorite winter activities too! ;)

  15. HO HO HO I love your snow :)

    We are to get a few inches here in Southwestern PA come Monday. Not really thrilled to see it so early, nor the cold weather, but it's fun seeing your pretty photos and Tucker sure is enjoying it all! I checked my blog for last year, though, and right around mid-November we had about 3 inches of heavy wet snow and then a big one at the end of November ....we seem to be in that same polar plunge weather pattern.

    How pretty those red berries are peeking out from underneath the snow. Just love that one.

  16. The snow is coming our way. Beautiful pictures.


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