Feb 5, 2016

Ballard Designs Catalog Secrets

When I came across an article today on the Ballard website titled 10 White Lies We Tell In Our Catalog, it immediately sparked my interest. I love Ballard Designs! Some of you are lucky to have local Ballard Designs stores and even outlet stores in your communities, but here in Boise, Idaho we receive their beautiful catalogs in the mail and shop at their online store. 

 Our favorite Ballard purchases for our home have been these vintage film reels hanging above the TV in our family room, 

this huge wood tray on our leather ottoman,

and this French letter graphic area rug in our entryway. 

We've always been very happy with our Ballard Designs purchases; they come well packaged in great condition and are of wonderful quality. I also love poring over their beautiful catalogs for home decorating inspiration and even DIY ideas. So, I wondered, what white lies could they possibly be telling me in their catalog?

I thought you might be interested in finding out, too, so head on over HERE to read the article. It's fun to see what goes on behind the scenes of a beautiful home decorating catalog. Fellow bloggers may also pick up some new styling and photography tricks.


For even more Ballard Designs fun, check out Joni Webb's gorgeous blog post about the story behind Ballard Designs and a look at Helen Ballard's Atlanta home, HERE at Cote de Texas.

Have fun, and have a great day! 



  1. That is so cool! I love those old reels.

  2. I really enjoyed the "10 White Lies"... where are my decorating faeries?!?!

    Are you all ready for Sunday? I have GOT to get me a BSU shirt before then!!

  3. Love your buys! In TX I purchased outdoor rugs from them to use inside.

  4. I saw that article, it was very interesting. Love your Ballard touches!!

  5. I wondered where you had got those wonderful film reels. I love what you got from them. I had a thought or another that's how it all looks so pretty in catalog pages.

  6. I just read their post the other day too. What fun to read their "secrets". I love their catalog and was lucky enough to make a trip out to their new Pennsylvania store a couple months ago. They have so many beautiful things!

  7. The old film reels are a nice accent to your tv wall, Laurel. I used to receive their catalogs, but just realized they quit mailing them to me. I'm on my way to check out their site...

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I love Ballard Design. Have one of their rugs - it's wonderful! Cool article too.
    The old film reels are wonderful and look great! Hope you have a good week!

  9. I don't believe I've ever bought anything from Ballard... I did knock off their drying rack years ago. I LOVED reading the article. It was really informative (and fun) to know their tricks. So, not only do I need to improve my photo skills, I also need to improve my editing knowledge! yikes!

    Your home (as always) is so beautiful Laurel!


  10. Hi Laurel, I love all your Ballard purchases. You've done a great job designing each room. I love them all! I checked out Helen Ballard's article. It was very inspirational! Thanks also for stopping by with your sweet comment! Always love hearing from you.

  11. I love Ballard design too, and they have excellent customer service, all my outdoor rugs and library rug is from them, and the huge art in my Dining room! Checking this out for sure, thanks Laurel!

  12. Any chance you want to sell your Ballard Design vintage movie reels? I waited too long to buy them.

    Heather K.


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