Dec 16, 2016

Christmas Memories Day 2

It's a beautiful snowy day here in Boise, a perfect day for sharing more of our holiday home from past years. 

Happy Holidays!

More Christmas memories here and here and here!


  1. Laurel- I LOVE Christmas at your house. Did you put all the glitz on the little houses in your cabinet or did they come that way? BTW, Your pictures are FABULOUS---You have a good eye and looks like a good camera to go with it! xo Diana (well-I bet you have TWO good eyes actually)-lol

  2. Merry Christmas Laurel! Everything looks beautiful!


  3. Laurel, beautiful Christmas home you did this year I love all your decoration Marry Christmas to you and yours

  4. Beautiful work with the decorations Laurel! Love the photos you have in the wall and the Christmas tree. Did you made the little village houses inside the hutch?? I love the silvery sparkle on them.
    Have a wonderful weekend Laurel!

  5. Stay warm!!! I love your putz houses ~

  6. Your Christmas decorations look so pretty! I love the bookcase full of cream and silver items. It's so old fashioned.

  7. Everything looks amazing...I bought candy canes today and put them in a canning jar but I didn't think about using my red and white bakers twine to make a bow around it..yours looks so cute, I will do the same with mine. I am such a copy-catter...Lol..

  8. Your home looks lovely and festive - I especially like your prints clipped onto the wooden frames - very unique!! Happy Holidays!

  9. I love all your little details! Your home looks warm, welcoming, and festive! I hope you're recuperating well. Merry Christmas!

  10. What beautiful pictures, Laurel. Your home always looks so pretty and specially all dressed up for the holidays. Take care and Merry Christmas!


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