Apr 9, 2017

Easy Easter Mason Jar Gifts

Next Sunday my husband and I will be joining our children for Easter dinner at my eldest daughter's home. My two grown daughters have become wonderful hostesses, and we really enjoy having them host some of the cooking and cleaning holidays at their houses a few times a year. 

My daughters are age twenty-six and thirty now, but no matter how old they are I always put together little treats for them for the different holidays. 

When I went to our local drug store to buy some Easter candy last week, I found some cute mason jar drink containers with straws in the dollar aisle. (They weren't a dollar, they were on sale for a couple of dollars. I don't even know why they call it the dollar aisle anymore because a lot of items there are not a dollar. They should call it the around-a-couple-of-dollars aisle.)  

Anyway, I bought one jar each for the girls and their guys along with a few bags of candy. When I got home I found some cute free printable tags over at Clean & Scentsible to tie around the lids. And my Easter mason jar gifts were ready to go!

And that's what I call easy and cute! 

And yummy!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! 

It's a great day for a party!


  1. This is so fun! I bet your grandkids will love it!
    PS I found you via the Inspiration Monday link party. I recently started a link-up of my own, I'd love it if you stopped by and shared with us, too! http://www.mybusybeehives.com/2017/04/bee-party-8.html

  2. Only someone wth a creative eye would look at the jars and see this possibilility! I love it!

  3. Such a cute idea, Laurel! I was just at our dollar store yesterday and was surprised to see how many "couple-of-dollar" items were on their shelves.

    I took your home tour again and I just love your simple uncluttered style. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. What a wonderful idea. Love the jars! Happy Easter to you and your family! xxx Maria

  5. Love these, Laurel. You always come up with great ideas. . .so creative. The printable is so pretty. Thanks for sharing the source! xo


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