Sep 19, 2017

A Summer Forest Walk

I'm saying farewell to summer today with walk through the late summer forest in Ponderosa State Park. The park boundary is just a few short blocks from our cabin and a favorite morning destination for Tucker and me.  

Tucker is over twelve years old now and still my constant hiking companion.

He's always the leader!

Ponderosa State Park is on a peninsula that juts out into Payette Lake just outside of McCall, Idaho. I'm awed by the majesty of the park's Ponderosa Pines. According to Wikipedia, they're the second tallest pine trees after Sugar Pines.

Eventually the trail opens out onto our destination, a small cove on the Lake where Tucker has a drink and cools off, chases a few tossed sticks, and then we head back. 

What a lovely last summer walk, and a perfect farewell to the season! 


  1. What a beautiful place to take a walk. I envy you.

  2. How beautiful! I think I'd have a hard time leaving the cabin. Tucker looks like he enjoys that walk! We are still very warm here. I'm so ready for Fall! Have a great week!

  3. I read and felt I was there with you and Tucker, Laurel. I've never seen such pines, and the cove seems to have the clearest water I've ever seen. What a pleasure to take a nice hike with your best friend!

    My Milo will be 15 on September 23rd. He is doing well other than being almost deaf and some arthritis in his hips. I pray for much more time and adventures.

    Jane x

  4. How beautiful! The pictures were great, I felt like I was walking with Tucker!!


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