Dec 2, 2018

Snow Day!

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning!

Happy snow day, Boise!


  1. On this end, we woke to about an inch of snow on the first ~ and then 3 inches this morning ~
    Happy Winter!!! Let's hope we don't have another Snow-maggedon!

  2. Freshly fallen snow is just so romantic looking. Very pretty photos!!

  3. Beautiful! We are finally in the last part of Fall - the trees have really put on a show this year. Don't know if we will get any snow this year but I always remain hopeful! At least I can enjoy the pretty pictures others share. 😊

  4. I love the snow, and even more since retiring and not having to venture out. These are lovely pictures.

  5. Looks beautiful. Nothing like fresh snow



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