Feb 25, 2019

Our Snowy Cabin

I keep hearing on various blogs and on Instagram that spring is just around the corner, but at our little cabin in Idaho it's still snowing buckets full!

This was our cabin last December. It was our second December and we thought it was a fairly normal snow year. 

We weren't expecting much more snow than what you see in the street view of our property above. 

 We sure were wrong! This is the same street view from last weekend. I thought you might enjoy seeing what our little cabin looks like in a good snow year. We had no idea it snows this much in McCall - it was a complete surprise to us - but we sure are loving it!

We have our driveway plowed for us, but we have to shovel our way to the front door. 

We are so glad we had our leaky roof replaced in time for this amount of snow.

Our back door is down in a hole.

This is one of the Aspen trees we planted last fall. We're sure hoping they make it through their first winter. The snow drifted high enough on this north side of our cabin to bury the windows. 

This is the living room window from inside.

This is the kitchen window from inside.

My husband spent a day shoveling to the front door...

...and moved the mountain of snow away from the north side windows. 

This summer we'll look into getting storm windows or maybe even boarding up this side of the cabin for future winters.

This is another new little Aspen tree behind our cabin. The snow is so beautiful all around our property!

Our neighbor's tree fell under its heavy snow load onto the back part of our property. Luckily, it couldn't have chosen a better spot to fall and didn't cause any damage. Finding this made us so glad we had our own weak trees thinned out a couple of years ago. 

During big storms the city can't keep up with plowing all our side streets.

Which makes us thankful for our trail rated Jeep - it just laughs at deep snow!

We're also thankful at the end of the snowy day for our snug and warm little cabin. 

I guess we're a little different than most people since we're in no hurry for winter to end and spring to come. We're loving every moment of this beautiful Idaho snow!

Stay warm!


  1. Good morning! Love the snow! We have had a couple of "dustings" of snow where I live -- which we loved -- but the rain! Oh my goodness, the rain! There has been so much rain. But I am like you -- not ready for spring. That would be 2 weeks of beautiful azaleas, daffodils, and dogwoods and then 6 months of hot, hotter, and hottest! These 50 degree days we are having are wonderful. Beautiful clear blue skies. Daffodils beginning to bloom. River a little muddy from all of the rain but still lovely. Wonderful weather very welcome and much appreciated after all of the rain. Enjoy your snow!

  2. Hi Laurel everything looks beautiful where you are in Idaho. Sure is alot of snow. Wouldn't want the snow to fall on anyone hanging from your roof but s it re looks pretty.

    Enjoy being cozy


  3. I love the snow and these pictures are beautiful. You did get lots of snow, but looks like your staying cozy.

  4. That surely is a lot of snow! This Winter has been hard all over the US it seems. In Iowa my mom-in-law has been getting a lot more snow than the usual of the last few years. In ND this year snow has been abundant as well. Today the low temps forced the church to cancel services. Take care and keep warm!!!

  5. I too have a cabin in McCall. You might consider covering that window for winter. We lost a sliding glass door back in 2005 d/t snow. It's no fun arriving to discover.


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