Oct 24, 2021

It's Fall at the Cabin Again!

There are so many things to love about fall in the mountains.

I never get tired of this view as we crest the hill on the way to our cabin. It always thrills me!

And I still get a rush from the first view of our cabin through the trees.

I love how long the fall mums last in the cool mountain air.

And how fall and summer mingle on our entryway coat hooks until the last summer things get packed away.

It's not quite cool enough to pack up the summer pillows and throw.

But little by little the warmth of fall finds its way into the cabin.

In thick red curtains to keep the chill at bay.

In the warmth of a morning fire.

A sprinkle of soft felt leaves.

Small glowing pumpkins.

Fluffy Autumn mums.

Football games on the TV.

And painting inside where it's warm.

But the very best part of fall in the mountains is the mountains.

Every year its beauty takes my breath away once again.

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