Jul 18, 2012

The Little Car that Could

This little car pulled up next to me at a busy street light yesterday 
with not just a sofa tied on top, but a sofa and a love seat! 

 Where there's a will, there's a way!


  1. wow - i wonder if they made it to their destination...those ropes don't look too hardy! a quick stop & those couch legs would pop the windshield - funny!

  2. That is what I thought too... one big bump and the couch legs would be through the windshield. Hope they made it! :)

  3. OH, MY! And I thought we have done some crazy things in our time! LOL I wonder if they made it home!

  4. Well that just looks like an accident waiting to happen! But it's really pretty funny! Hopefully they made it to their destination in one piece!


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