Feb 26, 2013

Here I come, Apple!

In just a few minutes I'm hooking up my old Windows-based Toshiba laptop and migrating my files over to my new MacBook. 

It's kind of like moving to a new house. I spent days organizing and cleaning up my hard drive so everything will be spiffy in its new home. 

I read tons of info. on the Apple website
and feel confident I know what I'm doing, but...


Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!!! I LOVE mine. I have a Mac Book Pro. It is quite lovely! HA!

  2. Congrats on your new 'digs'!!! Love my iMac and iPad... you will LOVE your screen. So bright and clear. Have fun!

  3. Sounds like you are well prepared! Good luck!!!

  4. Taking the plunge! Well, once people convert to Apple, they never seem to come back - I'm guessing its worth it. Best of luck!

  5. How exciting! You'll love your Mac. All of us here have now made the switch and it's been fabulous. Enjoy!

  6. Wishing you all the luck ! I am really technology challenged and depend on my husband a lot. I know...shame on me!

  7. I wish you all the luck! I am very technology challenged so I would probably have one of my kids do this, like they have done in the past. lol Hope all goes well and you get to enjoy your new "toy".

  8. Laurel, I am back!!! LOL Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your recent visit and comment. I could not reply to you by email. For some reason, your comments are showing up as "non-reply". Anyway, thank you for your sweet comment on my laundry room. I also use the little pods for the dishwasher and the ones for the washing machine are like the best invention ever. I buy the Tide pods. They have been having good sales on them at Target. Since we started using them, we have saved a lot of money on laundry detergent. You won't believe me, but one of those little pods will clean a big load of clothes even better than a full dispenser of liquid soap. I couldn't believe it either until I saw for myself. Have a great weekend!


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