Mar 5, 2013

Spring Fantel

Thank you for all your kind encouragement as I took the exciting plunge into the world of Apple. It took two whole days to migrate my files over to my new MacBook, but here I am. 

 I made it!

At the same time I was learning how to use my new laptop, I was finishing up moving into my new craft room. It's been so much work! But, honestly, how lucky am I to have two new creative spaces?!

The luckiest person ever!

I'm so relieved to have my "stuff" all around me again. I still have tons of decorating of my new room to do, like picking out a rug, making new curtains, and arranging and rearranging everything just so. But I just couldn't wait to show you my favorite part of my new space. 

I've always envied the beautiful fireplace mantels I've seen on other blogs, decorated for all the different seasons and holidays. My house doesn't have a fireplace, though. (I know, how sad is that?) But now I have a shelf in my new craft room that will be my fake mantel. My fantel

And (drumroll please) I already have it decorated for spring. I know, I know, it's the ONLY sign of spring in Idaho right now, but I just couldn't wait!   

 I love my fantel

It was hard to keep it simple for my first try at styling and photographing this little four foot long shelf. I wanted to pile every remotely springy item in the house on it.

What do you think? Did I do okay for a fantel newbie? 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, and I hope you'll visit again to see my 

 Saint Patrick's Day Fantel. 

And my Easter Fantel.

And my Mother's Day Fantel.


well, you get the idea. 

I love my fantel! 



  1. Hahahahaha... How adorable Laurel. I too luv your fantle, and look forward to the developments.
    Cheers, Gee

  2. I am a fan of your fantle!! Congrats on your new digs... enjoy!! :)

  3. You did more than okay, your fantle is charming Laurel! ... We're in for a big snow tomorrow, but I'm going to enjoy breaking out a little spring around here too!

  4. Your fantel looks great. The best part of all is the decorating of a new space. Have fun!

  5. Well done Fantel newbie! You done good! It is simple and pretty and perfect for spring (whenever it gets here!)

  6. I love your fantel and I love the word "fantel" too! Looking forward to your future fantel scapes!

  7. so happy you have your stuff all transferred on the new computer! :)
    LOVE your fantel, I look forward to seeing it in all the seasons. Can't wait to see more pics of your craft space. :)

  8. You did absolutely great with your new fantle! I wish you could come decorate my mantle I'm completely hopeless.

  9. Laurel, I love, love your fantle! How fun! The decor on it is just perfect! Can't wait to see all the fabulous decor you will add with the different seasons. Very pretty!

  10. Laurel,
    Everything is so pretty. Love your fantle. The wreath and little bird nest so charming. It is all so sweet and pretty.

  11. Loving your fantle too! It is like a breath of fresh spring air! Happy Thursday from the enchanted oven.

  12. I love your fantle display! "Fantle", that one made me giggle. :) I love all the spring colors and I cannot wait for it to arrive! I have shutters that look almost exactly like yours. They're a light blue with egg shell brown distressing. I separated the three sections and They're hanging on the wall behind my couch. One of these days I will post how I've decorated our house... Have a great week! ~ Jamie

  13. I love simple! And your mantle is just perfect. I have an antique mantle and surround in our bedroom but no actual fireplace. It adds so much interest to the room. I applaud you for going to Apple. My boys have been after me forever to get an apple laptop and I keep resisting because of the learning curve.

  14. I think you did a fab job with your fantle! I love the simplicity of it ... I don't like mantles that are crowded with so much stuff you can't see any one thing. I love the bird theme you chose. Congrats on the new Mac. I'd like to get one someday.

  15. It is my first visit to your blog - love the header - cottage living on a budget.

    Congrats on switching to Mac. I can't believe the difference. I use a PC at school and my Mac for personal. I do the school yearbook and let the kids work on my Mac because the color and graphics are so much better. On my PC, everything looks so dull.

    Love your fantle. I would love to have a shutter or something on the mantel to decorate, but I am married to a professional artist so it is like living in an art gallery - always something on display.

    You have given me an idea for something I have sitting in the garage. Can't wait until the weekend to try it out.

    I'll be back!

  16. Your home is so pretty and the loft too.
    Found you from the link party.

  17. SO pretty! I've never been very good at decorating my mantle, just can't seem to get the hang of it. Yours is so simple yet so pretty. I have to pin this for inspiration. Love it!

  18. I'm a fan of your fantle! Hope the snow has melted and you can enjoy the spring outdoors as well as in! Thanks for sharing at our spring party.

  19. Love your fantel! I have a lantel in my home. Not a mantel but a ledge that I decorate.This is so pretty! You should share this on my blog this week. The challenge this week is Spring mantels so you should come link up. The llnk up starts tonight and will go through Friday. Then, our guest judge will pick the winners. Come on over and have fun!

  20. Love your fantel Laurel and thanks for sharing it at Shabbilicious Friday this week.

  21. Your beautiful "fantle" was featured at Tuesdays at our Home". Congratulations! Come by and grab a button!

  22. I LOVE your fantle! I've got a few fantle's around my house and I LOVE them too! Welcome to the club of "fantles" that name!!!

  23. Happy to feature you at the party this morning! Thanks so much for joining us Laurel! Hope to see the whole craft room reveal at the party this week!

  24. This is beyond gorgeous1 you are my inspiration.... I pinned!

    hugs x
    Crystelle Boutique

  25. So cute- I love the shutter! New follower for you too! Came over from Beyond The Picket Fence link party. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Simply GORGEOUS and I am mad for shutters!!!! Great Job my friend...fresh and fabulous! hugs...thanks for sharing over at Junkin Joe!

  27. Hi from a new follower...found you on Under $100 Linky Party. Turns out we share the same last name too. Have a wonderful day!

    Becky @ Vintage 541


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