Mar 31, 2013

Craft Room Storage

Last fall I packed up all my craft room supplies in preparation for a move into a new house across town, and then we decided to stay here in our beloved old North End cottage. Since everything was packed up anyway, I decided to move my craft room downstairs and give my creaky old knees a break.  

I spent a lot of time planning the layout and storage for all my furniture and supplies, since the new craft room is only about 10' x 11' with a small closet. It was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

 I wanted cabinets lightweight enough to move myself, but strong enough to hold gallons of paint and other heavy supplies. The finish had to be easy to clean and impervious to chemicals, and it had to have lockable doors and be able to be bolted to the wall. [Essential safety features for my future (someday) grandchildren.] 

After trying many solutions and finally giving up my dream of antique armoirs painted duck egg blue, I ordered two new steel cabinets that are each six feet tall, three feet wide and eighteen inches deep. 

 My idea of a good time is having this many shelves to organize. It was so much fun unpacking my craft supplies and putting them away. 

Click on photos to enlarge.

 Everything fit perfectly.


 And if I need more storage, I can add baskets or boxes above the cabinets. 


I made some magnetic faux French enameled numbers following this Confessions of a Plate Addict tutorial to add a bit of interest to the doors. 

Click here to see the rest of my craft room.

I'd love to hear your ideas for decorating the fronts of my cabinets 

Thanks so much for stopping in today. Next time I'll be sharing my craft closet.

(omg, there's more?!)   

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Ficou excelente!
    Super organizado!

  2. I say functionality is more important than fashion in a craft room. (did that make any sense? lol) Besides, once you do something with the front of the cabinets, they'll look awesome, I know they will! You sure have a lot of storage now! :)

  3. I knew it would all be beautifully organized! I'm just a bit jealous here!

  4. Laurel, love, love your cabinets! They are so pretty and organized! The magnetic numbers are so pretty. And you decorated the top so perfectly! They look like they were always there. I would love if you come by and link up this post to my weekly party! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. I tried to find your email address to make my request but couldn't find it! I would love to see how you make your faux cabinet number tags - would you share? You should sell them!

  6. I like all the organization here too. The numbers on the doors are super cute! Such a great room. Have a good day! ~ Jamie

  7. Laurel - I LOVE the organized cabinets - especially the labels - LOL! Good thinking about the locks and attaching them to the walls so there are no mishaps. I can't wait to see the craft closet!


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