Mar 8, 2013

Friday Finds

Today, for Friday Finds I'm sharing my favorite craft room inspirations. 

My idea of a really good time is looking at other blogger's craft rooms. I love to see how artists organize and store their stuff, and the design elements with which they surround themselves to inspire their creative processes. 

I pinned lots of different kinds of craft rooms on my Pinterest, and after a while I started seeing a common theme throughout my favorites.

All of them have an organized look of beautiful clutter. 

(I totally realize that statement may only make sense to me!)

What do you think?

Charlotte Moss

Laughing With Angels

Sleepless in NRW

A Re-Purposed Life

Thoughts from Alice D

The Old Grey Mare

These spaces all definitely say workroom, while still maintaining a sense of femininity, comfort, and even opulence.  To me, it's pure luxury to have all your art and craft supplies organized so beautifully at your fingertips in your own room. 

I started out being in a big hurry to get my new craft room finished, but now I'm realizing it takes a lifetime to put together collections like these. These rooms aren't just where art is created, they are works of art in themselves. I'm finding a huge part of the fun and satisfaction of remaking my own studio is finding just the right way to say, "This is my space." 

In fact, it's been so much fun, I kind of hope I'm never done!

Thanks so much for finding your way over to my Friday Finds today.

Happy Friday! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  



  1. ohhh, my craft room is actually my kitchen. :(

    I do have craft "storage" but it's awful!

    pretty inspiration

  2. They are all so beautiful. They each have their own uniqueness. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh Laurel Thank you for the wonderful comment on my Blog. I too feel we have a conection and I am happy that you are reading it and enjoying it. I am going to "do" my craft room when I retire (end of May) and I love your inspirations. Organized chaos is my second name

  4. Oh, I wish you had not shown me all of those lovely work spaces. Each is wonderful and just makes me envious. I have a little corner of my husband's studio for creating. Have fun creating your beautiful clutter.

  5. Hello Laurel!

    Art and Sand wrote to me this morning because of you so I thought I'd pop over and say hey! I'm happy that you like my space. None of it was planned. It just evolved out of necessity. Here's a funny side note. Out of the thousands of craft rooms out there, you selected mine and two of my good friends! June and Rebecca and I have been friends for years. What are the chances?

    Anyhoot enjoy a great weekend <3

  6. Hi Laurel, I just found you today after someone visited my blog saying they saw one of my photos featured on your blog. SO I came over to see and to my surprise you live in Boise! The North End no less! My daughter lived on the north end for a few years too. I love that part of Boise which is where I was born. I'm so happy to see another Idaho blogger :) Your blog is beautiful.
    June @Laughing With Angels

  7. Welcome back Friday Finds!! Gorgeous rooms Laurel... there is so much goodness in each one. I'm looking forward to seeing what you cook up!! :)

  8. Okay, Laurel, I came over from your comment left on my post. I do not know why we have not yet met. I have pinned some of the same rooms and I am in love with the craft rooms you have chosen to pin. Like you I am looking for the perfect cluttered work area. I am now following you.

  9. Laurel, I love so many of these home offices and craft rooms you chose. I'll stroll on over and tell the bloggers that!


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