Apr 3, 2013

More Craft Room Storage

Today, I'm sharing the closet in my new craft room. 


(Well, maybe not so much but what can I say? I'm a detail girl!)

Mirror closet doors are great for teen girls who want to check out their outfits from every angle before hitting the school bus, and that was our reason for installing them twenty-five years ago. The teenagers are long gone, and these shiny brass mirrored closet doors should have been gone, too. But when they were tucked away in a back bedroom, replacement wasn't high on my budget list

In my new craft room, though, that's a different story. I couldn't live with them.


I also couldn't live with these skimpy wire shelves. I need stronger ones for storing heavy craft supplies instead of lightweight clothing, so out came the old wire shelves and rods. I patched the holes and repainted the closet. It's amazing how much paint a little closet uses. Halfway through I was kicking myself for using expensive BM paint instead of a less expensive brand for this space that won't show!  

Something I have managed to learn over the years is don't paint your closets to match your room (in this case it was pink from my daughter's toddler years.) Paint it white, so you won't need to repaint it with each new room color. A white closet will go with any other room paint color


I was planning an adjustable built-in shelf system requiring a lot of sawing, sanding, painting, drilling, and screwing, when I saw this steel shelving unit at Lowe's that just happened to fit my closet perfectly and was on sale.

Meant to be, right? 

These well-built super strong shelves took about an hour to assemble, saving me days of custom work, and they were also about half the price. My closet is 54" wide, and the selves are 48" wide, so I have just enough space on the side for storing my ironing board.

I cut a thin sheet of Masonite into five pieces to line the shelves and keep smaller items from falling through.

Look how much stuff fits in this closet now! Besides my sewing machine and ironing board, this is my  to-do/junk/why on earth did I buy that - closet.  

And this is how I solved the door problem. I put a tension rod up inside the closet between the walls and bought two inexpensive Target linen-look rod pocket curtain panels to hang on it. 


The curtains are easy to open and close, fit the budget, and I kind of like the neutral softness they add to my work room

You can see the rest of my craft room here and inside my other big craft supply storage cabinets here If you haven't been over-detailed yet, stay tuned for even more craft room details in future posts.

I'm so glad you came by!

Have a great day!

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  1. What a lovely craft room! You are so lucky to have a room to dedicate as your creative place!

  2. Beautiful work. That shelf is so neat. Wonder where do you get the masonite and if you did got them yourself.

  3. The closet looks great! I love organizing things. :) I'll remember that about the white closet for the nursery. Thanks! ~ Jamie

  4. Great solution! I have shelves like that and I never thought to add masonite so things wouldn't fall through. Thanks for the inspiration! I love your craft room - so pretty!

  5. The closet is just perfect! I love the softness it adds too. I have a to-do/junk/why on earth did I buy that shelf in my garage... I am glad I am not the only one!! :)

  6. Laurel, you are amazing!!! I love, love your storage closet! What a beautiful idea with the curtain rods. The room looks so pretty with them and look at how much space you have to store your crafts. Love it!

  7. You came up with a great solution. This shelving system seems to work great for what you need.


  8. I hear ya sistah! We painted a huge closet with built in shelves pink to match DD's room... thank goodness it wasn't us that had to repaint them! We learned too. :) We're on the same wavelength... my craft room closet is smaller, but the same idea. Only after 4 years it isn't so neat anymore. It needs some spring cleaning!! Love all the storage you've got going on... it is a great room!! :)

  9. That's awesome, Laurel! It looks great, and is so handy to have...especially the curtains to cover up your space.
    Debbie :)

  10. Your storage closet is great! How lucky that the wire shelf unit fit so perfectly ~
    And I love your solution for the 'door' ~

    1. I really like the way the curtains look in your closet. I have curtains on most of my closets, too.

  11. loving your new closet Laurel, and the curtains are perfect! love the soft touch they add.

    little by little....


  12. Wow, that shelf works perfectly! And I love the curtain too! I was waiting to see what was hiding in there. You are lucky to have so much wonderful storage!


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