Apr 7, 2013

Bulletin Board Remake

Before my bulletin board looked like this,

it looked like this. 

There was nothing wrong with it, but I wanted it to match my new white craft room a little better.

 The frame of my bulletin board is built around the cork part, so I couldn't take it apart to paint and cover it. Instead, I used painter's tape to protect it while I sanded, primed, and painted it.

 After the paint dried, I cut a piece of linen fabric about two inches longer and wider than the cork insert. Then I folded it under, creasing it with my fingers and attaching it to the cork with upholstery tacks. 

I laid the tacks out first to estimate the spacing, then used a ruler to keep them about the same distance apart, stretching the fabric taut as I nailed opposite sides. 

Except for hitting my thumb once with the hammer, it was super easy.  


I think the colors and style complement my room better now, and it will be easy to remove the tacks and fabric and paint it a new color if I ever want a new look. 

 Thanks for coming by to see my new bulletin board


  1. What a pretty update Laurel! A plain old cork board just wouldn't do for such a pretty room!

  2. It turned out so pretty. I love the light color !

  3. I really like your bulletin board. The upholstery tacks are the best! I still need to put together my magnet/chalk message board. So many projects so little time. Have a great week! ~ Jamie

  4. so cute Laurel! Isn't it great to use what we already have, and make it fresh and new?


  5. What a charming makeover! Love it! Coming over from Between Naps on the Porch and wondering how I have not been following you?! I am now!


  6. Your bulletin board turned out so cute! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  7. It's adorable with the thumb tacks....Speaking of thumb tacks, ouch sorry about the thumb!


  8. You have a great eye, I love the way you did this. It looks fantastic! I also really like that wicker chair. It looks a lot like one I have, but I like the color of yours much better. I think I feel a project coming on... :-)

  9. Hi my dear friend Laurel,
    Your bulletin board turned out beautiful, I love the idea, you are very creative, I'd love to try something like this too, since I'm planing to move my craft room from the basement to a new craft room/man cave we are building (hubby will have his own half too) and I'm designing my new space, and your craft room is an inspiration for me.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a wonderful week

  10. Very cute! Yours bulletin board is a lot neater than mine.

  11. It looks so beautiful.I like your creativity.
    holidays in cork


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