May 3, 2013

Friday Finds

Hi Everyone! 

I've been working on starting my new tiny business. It's so exhilerating and satisfying (and HARD!) Setting up the books this week sure didn't make for any interesting blog posts, though.

And truly,


I have a fun task to do with my daughter today. Annie needs a passport for her trip to France later this year and I'm applying for one, too. I thought I should have a passport handy in case she decides to run off with a handsome Frenchman.

Graphics Fairy

I've never been abroad, and a driver's license used to suffice for my trips to Mexico and Canada. So this will be my first passport. I feel so grown up. I just switched over to a travel rewards Visa card, so maybe with a passport in my sock drawer and a few free miles under my belt, I'll be jetting off to France one day, too!

I hope so!  

But with my feet planted firmly on the ground here in Idaho, here are today's Friday Finds.

Distressed Donna Down Home
 Donna over at Distressed Donna Down Home bought these handmade chickens at an estate sale. She distressed them and mounted them on her own stands. Aren't they cute? I love farm animals!

House of Hawthornes

Pam at House of Hawthornes came across an early 1900's book while cleaning out her office. She scanned some of the farm animal art and shares it in high resolution downloads with us. Thanks, Pam! 

 Carolyn from Homework carved this cute branch photo holder from a her yard clippings. It's perfect for displaying a photo of your sweetheart.

Happy, Healthy, and Domestic
 At Happy, Healthy, and Domestic Alex built her own rustic pallet patio table for free and has a great tutorial. 

DIY Showoff
Roeshell at the DIY Showoff broke the glass globe on her ceiling light fixture and came up with this brilliant replacement made from an old globe. 

The Cottage Market
At The Cottage Market Andrea put together some Margarita Madness in honor of Cinco de Mayo with links to over twenty tasty margarita recipes

Sounds fun! 

Well, I'm off to the passport office.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a 



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  1. Wishing you lots of fun adventures with your new passport!! Applying for the visa mileage card was a great idea. That's how our entire family is able to travel abroad so often. The miles add up quickly. Love the chickens and also the globe light fixture! Have a lovely weekend Laurel.

  2. Laurel, the chickens are clucking with excitement at being picked as a Friday Finds feature. So exciting about a new passport, a daughter going to France, and travel rewards. Those three certainly add up to a French road trip!

  3. With a new passport, you may be unstoppable! Just think of the places you might go! I'm loving your Friday finds this week - I really need to stash that globe idea away in the back off my mind.

  4. Great finds! And congrats on your new business... I can't wait to see!

  5. Wonderful ideas!! Love the table! Congratulations on your new business and keep us informed.

    1. Have fun on the trip to France and wish a safe trip to your daughter.

  6. Hope you make it to France! It sure is a beautiful country. Can't wait to hear more about your new business. I am also getting brave and trying something new. :) Great Friday finds!

  7. Love your blog and your taste Laurel...I already have couple inspirations and as a result I am your new follower..:))

  8. Your Friday Finds are just as scrumptious when one finds them on a Monday!! Love that cute photo holder and Pam's cow. Have a great week Laurel!! xo


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