May 31, 2013

Friday Finds

I hope everyone's been having a good week.

I'm super excited that installation of our brand new, first-ever sprinkler system has begun! 

Work was delayed by two days of badly needed rain and started yesterday. I'm loving watching the workers remove the old weeds lawn, and I'm beyond happy that I won't be watering by hand this summer. Yay!

Friday Finds today are a mixed bag of even more delight!

 Melissa from The Snap Academy shared this reclaimed pallet wood photo display at Going Home to Roost. Melissa used some twine and clips to hold a constantly changing array of Instagram photos printed directly from her cell phone. 

 Carol over at The Polka Dot Closet created this pretty bulletin board and its shabby lace pockets. 

 Dorrie and her husband are finding all kinds of wonderful surprises hidden away behind their new home's walls and ceilings over at Tuesdays with Dorrie.

 Kathleen from Faded Charm shares her lovely bathroom. I love the gleaming wood counter.

 At Away for the Weekend Karen shared this stunning stained glass window.

(From the May 29th Post)
  Kris shares her garden with us over at Junk Chic Cottage. Kris has a simply amazing way with flowers. 

Andrea shares the recipe for her son's favorite Lemon Lush at Faded Plains.  

My daughter and I are starting a new diet Monday, so I'm making Andrea's Lemon Lush on Sunday! Hah!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Thank you for the feature Laurel! By the way your site is so fresh and inviting:) Melissa

  2. Nice features! Not sure how I missed Carol's post. That is such a beautiful board! I'll have to get on over to her blog to check it out. Wondering if I should do a message board like that instead of the chicken wire one I'm working on for the nursery right now. Too many beautiful projects out there! :) Have a great weekend. Enjoy that lemon dessert and then the diet Monday! lol!! ~ Jamie

  3. Yay for you on the sprinklers! And wasn't that rain delicious?!?!
    Thanks for sharing the goodies ~

  4. Thank you for the feature Laurel! I'm in love with your sweet cottage!! Maaan, if our walls in these oldies could talk!?
    Dorie :)

  5. Your lawn will be beautiful. The links you share are wonderful, thanks for sharing them. Wishing you a wonderful weekend Laurel!

  6. You're really moving along with all your home and garden plans! Thanks so much for the feature - I wish I could take credit for doing more than pining over it for several months before taking the plunge. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. That sprinkler system is going to be amazing! You will be so glad you made that decision. And look at those cool finds - I need to go exploring!

  8. First thank you for the feature, I love this idea of sharing what you find around the blogesphere! you are going to love your sprinkler system, one stop watering and you will have the prettiest lawn in the easy! I am off to visit the blog that is finding stuff in her walls...How fun is that!


  9. I'm so jealous! I'd love a sprinkler system.

  10. I actually love watering by hand, but then we don't have any grass. With retirement just 5 days off, I am looking forward to the time to water any time I feel like it.

    I want you to know that I have not forgotten that I was sending you a little something to thank you for featuring me. I have 3 bloggers waiting for "somethings" from me and am just waiting until school is over and my life slows down. Then it will be fun to make special somethings for each of you.

  11. You'll love your new sprinkler system, what a convenience! Your features are so inspiring, thanks for sharing them with us.

  12. Woot, woot! A sprinkler system is a whole new freedom! I know because I'm having to water by hand again because of a bunch of broken sprinker heads. But when they are working, look out. Your yard will be gorgeous and you'll be out lounging enjoying the good life. Let's hope anyway!


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