Jul 8, 2013

A Lazy Summer Sunday

I had such a welcome relaxing day yesterday after the hubbub of the 4th of July.

 My day started with some photos of our new front lawn. I had to sandwich between the parked cars on the street, so I only got half of it, but here it is! Our gorgeous green lawn that's watered by our new sprinkler system.

 It's the lushest greenest lawn we've ever had, and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it is not to be watering it myself.

 After shooting a few pictures of the lawn, my husband and I headed for the hills while the morning was still cool for a hike with Tucker.

 On the way home from our hike we spied two yard sales, and I got some great stuff to paint and repurpose. Luckily, my husband had some cash in his pockets. He's such a handy guy to have around! I got this waterfall bedside table.

 A sewing table I'll turn into an end table.

 A cute little phone table.

 And some galvanized junk, a tin bucket, and a crusty wire basket. I just love to find things like this unexpectedly. Somehow, it makes them even better.

 A bit later in the morning my oldest daughter and her fiance came over to pick up this little maple tree. We've had this pretty slow-growing tree for over twenty years and were sad to see it go. Unfortunately, since our big shade tree was cut down, the sun is scorching it. To save it, it had to go.

 We wrapped the root ball in a tarp, and off it went to its new home.

To a shadier spot next to my daughter's new 1950's ranch style house that she's remodeling.

 After putzing around doing a lot of nothing for the afternoon, my youngest daughter made us some spicy shrimp with peach salsa for dinner from my Cooking Light Cookbook. It was the perfect meal for a hot summer evening. (I also found the recipe here, if you'd like to try it.) 

 After dinner we curled up on the sofa in the family room and watched The Hobbit together. 


Now, that's my idea of a pretty great Sunday. How did you spend your day? Whatever you did, I hope it was great, too!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful sunday. Great finds too!

  2. Love the photos--what a great house and lovely blog!

  3. I love all the goodies you got at the garage sales... and YAY for you for recycling the maple!

  4. Oh what a wonderful way to spend the day! ... Loving your lush green lawn! You know I smile everytime I see you sweet home! And all those yard sale goodies - yippee! But spending time with with family - absolutely priceless!

  5. Laurel,
    Love your lush green lawn, dear one!!!
    After two years of drought here on the Prairie,
    we, too are still experiencing lush green lawns and gardens!!!
    Your Sunday touched my heart!!!
    Nothing like spending time with family. . .
    thank youfor sharing yours with all of us!
    Loved seeing all your great finds. . .
    my kinda' day when I can find some galvanized or rusty metal! Ha!

  6. Great finds and your lawn looks gorgeous!

  7. Why didn't you invite Dorje (my 14 year old mutt) and me on the hike. I think it was because you knew I would have taken all that galvanized tin from you.

    The lawn looks great, but I am loving the house.

  8. You lawn looks great! This looks like a wonderful day!

  9. Hi Laurel
    I just stumbled across your blog and I am so delighted I did. What a lovely home you have.
    I also love the name Laurel (I named my cat Laurel after Laurel and Hardy, but I think its such a pretty name I almost wish I hadn't, because if I am blessed with children one day and had a girl I would liked to have called her Laurel....two Laurels in one house might get a bit confusing though!).
    Anyway, I digress!
    Lovely blog! (and name) :-)
    BEst wishes from across the pond

  10. What a lovely day!! Love your finds, and your lawn looks wonderful!!

  11. What great finds, love all the galvanized treasures!! Your lawn does look so thick and lush.


  12. Love how you decorated your "cottagy" home for July 4th...the flag, the bunting, the stars on the front porch pillows. Very subtle and very sweet!

    Does your daughter have a blog? I noticed you said 1950's ranch home she is remodeling...I live in a 1950's remodeled (well sort of!) Ranch home and I am always looking for other ranch home owners to compare notes with and look at their photo's...

    She could find me at the Small House Under a Big Sky in SW Michigan.


  13. I love your finds! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Sad to say, our lawn will never look as good as yours...living in the county it's hard, but I don't worry about it here.
    What a perfect day! Our Sunday wasn't as productive, my husband golfed and I painted.
    Have a wonderful evening!
    Debbie :)

  14. Laurel,
    I love all your wonderful finds. Your lawn my dear looks so plush and pretty. I love your front porch how welcoming. Looks like a great and relaxing day for you.

  15. Great lawn, lovely finds and a beautiful day. You can really count your blessings!

  16. Wow! What a great day you had. Loved seeing your house. Loved the junk you got at the yard sales and seeing your dog!

  17. Front Porch love!
    So cute,


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