Jul 19, 2013

Friday Finds

Hello from Montana! 

I spent the past hour trying to produce a Friday Finds post for today, but I'm afraid the internet connection where I'm staying here in Montana is so sporadic and so unbelievably incredibly S-L-O-W, I'm about ready to pull my hair out!

In the interest of sanity, I'm giving it up for this week. I'll be back to civilization the middle of next week when I'll catch up on all your sweet blogs, comments and emails.

But I couldn't let the day go by without at least wishing you a 



  1. Happy Friday to you Laurel!! Enjoy and can't wait to hear about the trip!!


  2. Happy Friday Laurel. This is the universe's way of saying take a break!!! We will all be here when you get home.

  3. Oh how wonderful and relaxing! Enjoy every moment!

  4. slow internet drives me crazy but you can always enjoy those beautiful views! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. xo

  5. Wait you are in Montana? Where? I should be able to tell from the picture, but let's face it, a majority of our scenery looks like this :)!

  6. We get pretty spoiled with our instant connection. Montana sound like a relaxing spot to be.


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