Sep 26, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Update #1

Last time I shared our kitchen remodel plans here, I said we were signing our contract and would be packing up our kitchen.

Whoa, Nellie! Not so fast!

The first lesson we've learned about remodeling is it never goes as fast as you think it will. We did meet with our contractor, but our meeting turned into another planning session. He told us he normally meets about four times with his clients to firm up all the plans before signing a final contract. He also told us he would be available to begin our job three weeks from that second meeting, which is early next week. 

So, although we haven't packed up my kitchen yet, we have needed all of that time to prepare. Here's what we've been doing:

My Idea Board

 We've been picking out:

 bar height and depth
 counter material
 light fixture
 back splash

I think you might be surprised by some of the things we've picked out for our new kitchen. 
I know I am!

We also removed our dated track lighting and mini blind from the kitchen window and painted the trim. It's all ready for the new light fixture and window treatment.

 We boxed up or moved all the chrystal, china, and silver out of the dining room cupboards. 

We boxed up everything that wasn't breakable, then I had a light bulb moment that saved us the hassle of wrapping each piece of chrystal in paper to pack away in boxes and having to wash each piece when we unpack it.  

 We just carried it a few pieces at a time into the living room and filled up every surface.

Then we covered it all with clean linens so it won't get dusty. When the kitchen is done, we'll just put it all away. No unpacking and washing!
The only down side is I don't have any surfaces left that I can decorate for fall. I'm thinking about drawing eyes and mouths on the sheets and calling them Halloween ghosts.

A small price to pay for a new kitchen, though!

I'm glad you came by to see what's up with our kitchen remodel. We'll be picking out our final faucet and light fixture choices this weekend, and we're excited to find something perfect. Next time I'll share packing up the kitchen, and then it's tear-out time! 


  1. I am envious that you get to "redo", but I don't envy you the mess! Great thinking on the china/crystal 'storage' MUCH less hassle that way!!

    Do you have a circle punch? You could use that to put eyes and mouths on the napery...
    I happen to have one, and would be willing to share...

  2. We did a kitchen remodel a few years ago. It wasn't much fun not having a kitchen for weeks, but so worth it in the end. It sounds as though you have a good contractor, making sure the planning is thorough. I like your sheet and ghost idea - my kind of decorating!

  3. How exciting! It would be wonderful to get to pick everything.
    If you do decide to box the crystal, you can get boxes with divided sections free from liquor stores. You just drop one glass in each section (where a bottle used to be) and they are safe.

  4. So excited for you Laurel! Keep us posted!

  5. Laurel I really like your choices. I know all about things not going as planned with building our new home. It takes forever just to get started. We are so far behind already and we thought they would break ground today but no the excavator is on vacation so it will be Tuesday!! Yikes, I just keep thinking about the finished product and the fun of picking items out for the house. My favorites folder is filled to the brim with ideas, LOL. Can't wait to be updated.


  6. Choosing items for the kitchen is the funnest part Laurel! Although at times, with so many choices, you can get confused. However, what I learned it your first choice usually is the one that you end up choosing. But despite that, I still liek to look around to make sure I won't regret anything later. I love how organized you are dear, I packed up the entire kitchen on my own so you saw the CHAOS that it was, but in the end, no fall decorations and all, I bet this long term investment will be worth all the trouble and time! Good luck!

  7. You left such a nice comment for me, Laurel! Nice to know you stopped by! Your remodel is exciting. We are doing a mini remodel and I have been putting it off a long time because there are so many decisions to make! I'm sure it will be wonderful when it is finished.

  8. How exciting! I think picking out the finishes and fixtures is the fun part! I may be able to have a new kitchen in a few years but until then I love seeing what everyone else is doing to theirs!


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