Oct 30, 2013

Black & Gold Table

Last July I found this little shiny black sewing table at a yard sale. I think all I heard about it at the time was "$5.00," and I said, "I'll take it!"

In my rush to get a great deal, I didn't look too closely. The first clue I had as to why it was only $5.00, was how heavy it was. I couldn't lift it by myself! That's when I saw that the table opened down the middle on hinges and was actually a sewing machine cabinet.

A long time ago!

After my husband lugged it to the car and inside our house, I did the investigating I should have done at the yard sale. (I now call this table my learning table, as in a what to pass by at a yard sale-table.)

I set the table aside for a while, and when I had some spare time (some what?) I went at it with a screw driver, and just look at what came out of that innocent looking table. No wonder it was so heavy!

I couldn't see any way to make the inside usable or fix the broken hinged faux drawer front, so I glued and screwed them down tight and filled in the crack on top with wood putty. I had planned on painting the table white, but the white primer changed my mind. My $5.00 table that I'd already wasted too much time on seemed to be getting uglier and uglier the more I did to it!  

At this point, I thought maybe I should just junk it (or as they do in Maryland, leave it out at the curb.)

Instead, I mixed up some black chalk paint and repainted it black.

And gold!

I think it was the gold that did me in.

 And turned this sad little sewing cabinet into one of my favorites!

The black chalk paint gave it a soft vintage look, and the Martha Stewart gold metallic paint from Home Depot gave it some pizazz.

This little pain in the neck $5.00 yard sale table has turned out to be one of my favorites and now resides in a place of honor in my craft room. 

Ironically, it has made the perfect little sewing table for me!

 I'm sharing my black and gold table at these fun parties! C'mon along!


  1. Aaaaaahh! Fantastic piece Laurel a true trash -to- treasure story! Great job!

  2. Laurel, You did a great job turning a yard sale find into a favorite sewing table. I knew if anybody could fix this, it would be you! With just the right paint, it's beautiful now!! Thanks for sharing your yard sale find. Thanks also for stopping by with your sweet comment. Blogging is a great way to remember everything we've accomplished. Especially this fantastic makeover...

  3. Hee hee, the Learning Table. What a beauty you've turned her into!! :)

  4. The beautiful pearl lives in the ugly shell...

  5. What a cute table! I love the black and gold. What you did with the gold on the front is super cute. Thanks for your sweet comments about Olivia! ~ Jamie

  6. A true "trash to treasure" story. I love those!

  7. hahaah too funny that you actually KEPT it after all of that. I love the look laurel, and I am NOT a fan of gold. You did a fabulous job girl!


  8. Hi Laurel. I'm Spanish and my English is very bad but I hope you understand me. I'm following you two years ago and I like so much all your works. This table is very beautiful and the transformation is incredible. Congratulations for your beautiful house.


  9. You transformed a sewing table into a sewing table!?! I kid, the change is very dramatic. I have learned my lesson about sewing tables - they are weighted so they will not scoot when sewing.

  10. You know you usually have to go through the ugly phase before you get to the pretty end result! Your sewing machine cabinet is a beauty and definitely worth the trouble. And we actually sell a good many of these. The taller legs make them perfect nightstands next to today's higher mattresses. ... Left at the curb here, it would have been snatched up in no time!

  11. Love your little table with the stripes. Sometimes it takes awhile to get things the way we want them and in this case, it was worth it.

  12. I LOVE it, Laurel! It looks beautiful and the fact that you bought it for the cost of a Starbucks' latte, just tickles me pink!


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