Nov 16, 2013

An Autumn Walk Through the Boise Front

I love living in The North End. Our cottage, which is located within a National Historic District, is a five minute walk to the charming bustling downtown Boise shops and restaurants in one direction, and a five minute walk in the other direction to the quiet rugged foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I feel like we have the best of both urban and country living here in The North End.

I try to take Tucker for a daily hike in the foothills (called The Boise Front) where dogs are allowed off-leash on many of the trails. Come on along with us today for our autumn walk on the Owls' Roost Trail. 

 It's a beautiful golden day, and I want to try out my new iPhone camera. This is my first smart phone, and I'm loving it.

 Tucker always takes the lead on our hikes, running on ahead to investigate the trail. He never lets me out of his sight, though. He's afraid I'll get lost.

 The Owls' Roost Trail winds in and out of the trees.

 And through the meadows. 

 The trail is named for the owls that have their babies in the nearby cliffs and then teach them to fly and hunt here. 

 In the spring you can see them roosting in the trees and hear them hooting to each other.

 Tucker always stops for his mid-hike drink from this little creek. 

 Then it's back through the trees on the way home.

 This is Tucker's goofy look. I think he's saying, "Thanks! That was a blast!"

Thank you for coming along on our hike. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!

I'm sharing the Autumn leaves with

Autumn Abounds


  1. What a beautiful area to walk and Tucker looks like he had such a blast!

  2. Tucker is just taking care of his human! What a lovely walk ~ I need to find some around here in Eagle; I know they are there!
    Thanks for sharing your walk ~

  3. Gorgeous scenery! Wish I had been with you on that walk.

  4. Beautiful place to walk and you got great shots of it with your iPhone!

  5. wow! what a wonderful place to call home! :) The pictures are beautiful, and Tucker looks so happy.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Laurel!

  6. It looks like you do have the best of both worlds - what a beautiful area you live in! I think Tucker enjoys it too!

  7. What a gorgeous place for a walk! Love your escort and the owls are a big bonus. Have fun with your new toy!! :)

  8. I love hiking. It's one of the few out-doorsey things that I like to do (I grew up in the woods in northern Michigan). What a great trail and it's so beautiful. Have you even actually seen a baby owl? That would be an amazing thing to see! Have a great week. ~ Jamie P.S. Lucky! I would love an iPhone! :)

  9. I bet it was a blast! xox Love the name of the trail. We lived in a town in Maryland earlier this decade and every single street had an awesome name. Loved that!

  10. Definitely fall in your neck of the woods.

  11. These are just gorgeous pictures Laurel, what a beautiful place. Tucker sure looked like he enjoyed himself!!


  12. I just love Tucker!! What a beautiful place to take a walk, your photos are gorgeous!!

  13. Your comment about Tucker worrying about you not getting lost just tickled me. Sounds like what a faithful lab would do! My husband and I love to walk with our dogs on trails like yours, but we never let our Jack Russell off leash. She'd be in teh next county before we know it! She likes to run from us -- she thinks it's a game. Anyway, I loved seeing your photos. It sure looks like you live in paradise. I've never traveled to Idaho but would love to one day.


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