Jan 27, 2014

Christmas Critter Felt Along

Every year I have good intentions of creating new homemade Christmas tree ornaments, and every year the long list of other holiday preparations between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to get in the way. 

So when I saw that


are co-hosting a Christmas Ornament Party where I can create new felt ornaments each month beginning in January, I thought it was a great idea. Supply lists, easy instructions, and tips are provided by the hostesses with two new patterns available each month.

To share the fun I invited my daughters to join in, and last week we gathered at my house for an afternoon of Christmas ornament-making.  I printed three copies of the patterns before they arrived and had plenty of felt, embroidery thread, needles and scissors ready for each of us. We chatted and caught up on some Project Runway episodes while we stitched away on our ornaments.

 These are our completed ornaments hanging on my bulletin board. The girls each made unstuffed owls, and I made a stuffed owl and a bear. My daughters' unique personalities are reflected in their interpretations of the same owl pattern, and it was fun to see how different they all turned out! 





It's not too late to join in the fun. The ornaments can be made from inexpensive felt squares or fabric scraps and embroidery floss or thread. Each one can easily be made in less than an hour and for under a dollar.

Next Christmas I'm planning to have a small tree in the family room with a woodland theme, where I can display my 24 cute new felt ornaments with some pine cones and burlap and other natural woodsy things.

Today, I'm heading over to pick up our February patterns and to link up our ornaments at the Ornament Linky Party where we can see other completed ornaments. I can't wait to see all the different colors, fabrics, shapes, stitching, and details, and to load up on some new ideas for the rest of the year's ornaments.

 I hope you'll join me for some fun ornament-making at 





  1. Your felt critters turned out lovely. I'm enjoying seeing all the different variations of the same patterns. Mine are here craftygardener.ca.

  2. Laurel, this is such a fun post! First of all, I love that you had an ornament party. And I love the individuality that shines through each ornament, especially the owl variations! They made me smile! Thank you so much for joining in - can't wait to see what you come up with next month!


  3. OMG these are adorable. What great fun spending time with your daughter and getting creative. I really like the green felt in the owl do you know where you found that color by chance?

  4. I just linked here from the Linky Party and please tell Annie that I have fallen in love with her owl. I'm going to have to make another one using some of her ideas! What fabulous owls you guys made!

  5. Hi Laurel! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments.
    Your ornaments are darling and so much fun to see your daughters too. I've so enjoyed today, I'm so loving seeing everyone's and how unique and individual they are.

    Happy week to you!

  6. What a great idea...They are sooo adorable throw in doing it with your daughters and Project Runway.....The perfect day!


  7. Your owl and bear ornaments are adorable. What a fun idea to make a party out of it and sharing all your creativity! It was really fun to link up and thanks for visiting me!

  8. They're so adorable! What a great idea to make them now - you're right, that time after thanksgiving tends to get crazy!

  9. You are too organized for me.

    I am just making Valentine things. And then, it will be Easter and 4th of July. I just seem to be right on track - never ahead.

    Your little felt critters are so cute.

  10. Super cute idea and lots of fun to be able to make crafts with your daughters! They are so blessed to have a Mom that spends quality time like that with them. :) I can't wait to see what all you create! ~ Jamie

  11. Very cute, Laurel! My daughter loves owls and I probably would have picked that one to do with my daughter.

  12. What a fabulous job you and your girls did with the critters Laurel - love the choice of colors and Jessica and Annie certainly topped us all in creativity, haha!
    Thanks for visiting me - sorry this is belated, have had computer/Internet problem for over a week!
    Have fun with the cardinal (out state bird) and lamb - mine are cut out but nothing stitched yet!

    Love your cottage BTW............I enjoyed Boise when visiting there some years back!
    Happy day - Mary


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