Apr 4, 2014

The Sofa Solution

Hi everyone, I hope your April is off to a great start! I'm so excited to share what came in the mail today. 

New England Home

 We're redecorating our living room from a vibrant traditional look to a more simple neutral farmhouse look like in this inspiration picture from New England Home. 
 We've been struggling with a dilemma because we're too cheap frugal to replace our perfectly good-in-every-way, but unfortunately very red, sofa. (Notice how I'm trying to hide that it's red here with a lot of big pillows.) Reupholstering costs almost as much as a new sofa, and I'm not a fan of hard to take on and off slipcovers. But the farmhouse look I love practically requires a white sofa.
Pottery Barn
 Pottery Barn to the rescue! When I saw that this drop cloth furniture cover was on sale and remembered I had a Pottery Barn gift card from last Christmas, I just had to give it a try.

When it arrived in the mail today, I immediately tossed it on the sofa and spent a few minutes tugging and tucking to see if it would work. 

I love it, wrinkles and all!
I mean, the way I figure it, I just saved us a ton of money and will still be able to have the white sofa farmhouse look I want without buying a new white sofa. For a cheap frugal person like me, that's like winning the lottery!

And please don't worry, I do plan on ironing out the wrinkles and spending some more time draping it just right and making some new pillows, too. But I snapped this photo on my phone and just couldn't wait to share my "new" sofa with you.

Thanks so much for stopping in to see!    



  1. Oh Laurel, I can so relate. The little things get me so excited! We too are going from a vibrant Tuscan look to a more neutral French cottage look. Cream paint went on the walls to cover the custom ochre wash, and down came the red and gold silk drapes to be replaced by off natural linen. White paint went on some pf the wooden pieces and I am so excited... a work in progress, but I like it like that. I 'build' a look.
    Luv your 'new' sofa.

  2. Very pretty and such a great idea! I threw caution to the wind and got myself a new one for the new place. Shh! Only you know about it. How on earth did you show such restraint in now spending that gift card in all this time?

  3. It looks great, Laurel. And you are right - a farmhouse look practically requires a white sofa! Very pretty!

  4. Sounds like a true win-win situation!! I was over in your area today ~ SO pretty!!!

  5. Gorgeous solution and looks perfectly farmhouse. You did save a bunch of coin on this too as I purchased a Pottery Barn white sofa 2 years ago and they are pricey!! Love your new look~~ and you are right, farmhouse requires a white sofa!
    Happy Weekend and fun decorating.

  6. Hi, Laurel! I LOVE the look of the white couch. Can't wait to see how you decorate it with new pillows. Have a great weekend, friend! ~ Jamie

  7. Perfect! Why throw out a perfectly good couch, when there's an easier less expensive solution? Your sofa looks great!

  8. slips are great--my sofa is green, but the slip hides it all! love your pillows, too, laurel:)

  9. I looks great, Laurel! I love the slipcovered look!

  10. I love the look you're going for. We invested in two slipcovered IKEA sofas when we relocated to East Texas, and I have to admit that taking cushions out of slipcovers is no fun at all. Like, could they have left a little bit of wiggle room, for goodness sake? We have two dogs and I felt that slipcovered furniture was the perfect solution, but most of the time, we now just cover our sofas with white sheets which are more easily washed. I'll definitely have to check out Pottery Barn's drop cloth furniture cover. It looks a lot better than the sheets we've been using.

  11. It was the perfect solution for you and looks great! :)

  12. What a great idea. I have white slip covered sofas that I throw a sheet over and tuck in, but still a couple times a year I have have to struggle with washing the slip cover....I love this!!


  13. Hi, Laurel, I too love the white, I use a fabulous white chenille vintage bedspread I found (grabbed as fast as I could when I spotted it)at a local thrift store for $2 as my toss on slipcover. Thankfully there were two of them and when one is in the laundry the other is tossed on the couch.

  14. I love white too and found a fantastic site for slipcovers that I would never have been able to afford. Check out uglysofa.com for loose fit slipcovers....I LOVE mine!!!! Very high quality!


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