Sep 22, 2014

My Fall Wreath

Happy first day of fall, everyone!

I wanted to celebrate the first day of fall this year with a new wreath for our front door, so when my friend, Sharon, shared how she makes her beautiful wreaths for her famous Elizabeth & Co. tag sales, I knew I had to try making one.

Following her great insider tips and instructions, I bought all my supplies for 60% off at Michaels Crafts and spent about an hour hot gluing flowers, leaves, and acorns to my grapevine wreath.

It was so fun I made some for my daughters, too!

For a real treat, hop on over to the Elizabeth & Co. blog and check out Sharon's gorgeous wreaths, and you just might be inspired to make one, too. Thanks a bunch, Sharon!

Happy first day of fall!



  1. Very Nice job! I love the look of the black eyed sunflowers! Hopped over from Falling For Fall Porch Party @ Pamela's From My Front Porch! I've done some wreaths, too, but really like yours.
    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

  2. Your wreath is lovely. I am tempted to go up to the attic for my grapevine wreaths and make one.

  3. Amazing job on your wreath!!!! Sure dresses up an entryway :)

  4. It's beautiful, Laurel! I love how it turned out and the different elements you used. I have to go check out Sharon's tutorial. It's always good to have some pro tips on making wreaths.

  5. Love your wreath Laurel, It turned out gorgeous. What a beautiful welcome at your front door. Love the color of your door too by the way.
    Happy fall

  6. Beautiful wreath Laurel!! I am an awful wreath maker..... even reading Sharon's great tips don't help me. :(

    Happy Fall y'all!!!


  7. I love that you made your wreath Laurel! It's beautiful, happy Fall!

  8. What a lovely fall welcome! A wreath won't fit between my front doors, but I'd like to try hanging one on our glass storm door. I'm going to check out Sharon's site. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Love, love your wreath, Laurel. It is so pretty!

  10. You did it and I love it!!! Wasn't that fun? What a great mix of flowers, leaves and berries! And so perfect on your door, a wonderful welcome for fall! ... And thank you for your sweet comments! You are the best!

  11. Beautiful wreath, beautiful door, beautiful house, beautiful blog!

    Need I same more, lol?

  12. I thought you bought this wreath!!! So perfect and love the combination of leaves and flowers you chose!


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