Sep 30, 2014

Our Early Fall Garden

Today I'm happy to have a chance to share some photos of our garden that I took last week. My favorite time of year is fall, and I love the way the garden looks right before we have our first hard frost. It's a transitional time, when the days are still warm enough for the late summer flowers, but cool enough for the early fall ones, too. 

I tossed some seeds in the dirt next to my craft room window last summer and then forgot all about them. They didn't seem to mind being neglected, though, and now we have beautiful tall red and yellow sunflowers growing here against the house.

It's always a race against time now to see how many tomatoes will ripen before the first hard frost. Tomatoes are my favorite summer food, and oh how I'll miss them!

The berries that grow over our front gate trellis are so pretty in the fall and winter. We have a beautiful view of these from our dining room window.

We've always loved the idea and look of colorful Buddhist prayer flags. My husband brought me these as a sweet surprise one day last summer to hang between the shed and house.

The tall ornamental grasses have ripened and turned golden. We'll enjoy watching these waving in the cold winter wind all the way until next spring.

This grass is still nice and green, though. Have I mentioned how much we love our new sprinkler system? :) 

Our new rose bush crept up the shed trellis just a bit this summer. If it survives the winter, it should really take off next spring.

Our lavender was enormous this summer and is still going strong. We enjoyed having the blooms in the garden and decided not to harvest it this year.

I decided growing herbs in our sunny deck pots is the way to go. Carefree and pretty, this rosemary and thyme needed very little water and attention.

This snap dragon grew from a seed that must have lodged between the paving stones in front of the shed door and the shed wall. It gets squashed every time the door opens and gets no attention whatsoever, but every year it comes back to give us its pretty flowers. We love its spunkiness.

Chrysanthemums, more than any other flower, symbolize a fall garden to me. This is the first one I planted in our new yard after our old tree was cut down. It's blooming here behind the last of the summer blanket flowers. 
After our first hard frost, we'll be out in our jackets and boots under the falling leaves, cutting all the summer flowers back and putting the garden to sleep for the winter. Until then, we're enjoying every single day of our early fall garden and the last of the summer flowers.

Thanks for visiting and taking a look around our garden today. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. Are you loving our next week's forecast as much as I am?!?! Perfect weather for garden clean-up, and perfect for helping get us in the mood for fall decorating!!!


  2. Laurel your yard is beautiful! I would love to know what the plant that the berries are on because I have just the spot for it. Thank you.

  3. It is beautiful! Crazy to think it won't be long until it is covered in yes, enjoy it now and all this pretty fall weather!


  4. That first photo is just breathtaking! Your gardens look so beautiful. I can plant sunflower seeds and the darned things don't come up!

  5. Very pretty fall gardens! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Your garden looks beautiful Laurel! I'm jealous of your irrigation. Everything here looks so dry and crunchy! I especially love the orange berries on the trellis. The prayer flags were a wonderful gift and they even have the same color in them as your shed door! I can almost smell the rosemary and don't you love the grasses blowing in the breeze. Fabulous! ... And you made the party with time to spare!

  7. It's so pretty! I love the fence with all the sun faces on it!


  8. Your gardens are so gorgeous. I can't believe how lush your tomato plants are. Mine always look spindly! Love the orange berries...the color is amazing. I also love the collection of sun faces on the fence. I only have one small red one. Never realized what a cool collection they'd make for a wooden fence - now I'll definitely have to look for more!

  9. Your flowers still look fabulous, Laurel, and those orange berries add such a bright pop of autumn color! Do you know what the name of the vine is? Your photos are beautiful.

  10. Your fall garden is wonderful - definite garden envy here!

  11. Your garden is so pretty, Laurel! You have some wonderful plants and views of them. I used to get a little sad at this time of year (at our old house) when everything was kind of in its final days; before that frost came.

  12. Beautiful! As for the green tomatoes, don't forget about that Southern culinary delicacy: fried green tomatoes! I adore them, especially when dipped into homemade ranch dressing.

  13. Laurel great pictures, love the berries. Wish we add them around here, what a treat to decorate with.


  14. Your garden is still so pretty for the beginning of October. Ours is a little down and out since we've not been receiving very much rain. I have several green tomatoes and hope a frost hold off until many ripen. But as Ellen indicates...I'll have to think of fired green tomatoes. Loved you pictures...and thanks for stopping by and liking my Harriet Hoosier!

  15. Your garden looks lovely, Laurel! Those berries are gorgeous! What a view from your windows!

  16. Laurel, your garden is gorgeous. You plants all look so pretty. Beautiful colors!


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