Jan 21, 2015

DIY Snowman Box

Hello! I can't believe it's already the middle of the week. Where does the time go? 

I had the loveliest day Monday with my daughter, who had the day off from work. We went to lunch at an elegant restaurant near her new house and did a little window shopping, then we just visited the whole afternoon away. It was such a nice treat for us.

Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment about her new home and the idea of recording her adventures in a blog. She appreciated all of your enthusiasm and encouragement, and she's definitely considering it. You can be sure I'll announce it and share a link when the time comes if she does start a blog, and hopefully she'll let me share a photo or two here. 

Now, on to today's DIY project!

I enjoyed making glittery putz houses so much last month for Christmas I decided to make a glittery snowman, too. I didn't get this project finished in time to add it to my Christmas decorations this year, but looking out my window today tells me it's definitely still snowman weather around here! 

 This was one of the most fun and easy craft projects I've done, and it turned out really cute. I started out with some little paper maché snowmen like these from the dollar bin at the craft store. 

I always keep a bunch of these inexpensive cardboard boxes in various shapes and sizes on-hand for craft projects. I used a round one this time for my snowman's pedestal.

I painted both the box and the snowman with a couple coats of white chalk paint and used my hot glue gun to adhere the snowman to the top of the box. 

Then I just went to town decorating the box and snowman with paper, glitter, trims and embellishments from my craft stash.

Every snowman will be different depending on what you purchase or have on hand, but here are the details for mine to give you some ideas:

I printed some Jingle Bells sheet music from Knick of Time (convert it to black and white to remove the pink hue) and decoupaged it onto the box, then trimmed it with some pom pom ribbon and sprinkled it with chunky silver German glass glitter and fine white glitter. 

I painted the snowman's face freehand with a fine artist's brush and some craft paint. For the carrot nose I squashed a few drops of water and a small piece of torn paper into a carrot shape, let it dry, then glued it on and painted it orange.

The hat is covered with chunky silver glitter, and fine white glitter was sprinkled over the rest of the snowman, except on his face. A pipe cleaner is wrapped around his neck for a scarf and silver star shaped sequins and white beads make the buttons. Some shiny tinsel garland finishes the snowman's base. 

I printed the little Let It Snow flag on my printer and then glued it around a bamboo skewer that I painted white. Finally, I lightly sprayed everything with spray adhesive and sprinkled on some white mica flakes to look like snow.    

Easy, and so much fun! A perfect craft project for a cold winter's day.

I just love his cute little face!

If you have winter snow flurries at your house today, stay warm inside and think about making a snowman!

Let's go to a party!

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  1. The snowman is adorable!! Do you believe we are supposed to hit 50* next week?!?!?!?!

  2. Oh Laurel,
    I love snowman and your little guy is as charming as they come!
    Pinned to my snowman board too:)

  3. Oh, Laurel - You are so stinking talented and clever. I would never EVER have thought up something like that. I simply didn't get the CRAFT gene. This is awesome, so well done.

    Wish you were selling it. : - )

  4. This is very cute! Thanks for sharing the how-to tips and photos!

  5. No winter flurries here. But I love your snowman! I've never worked with paper mache', but this one is one I'd love to try.

  6. Oh so cute!

    A few years ago I paid a lot of money to buy my sister a cute snowman like yours - hers is 18" tall. I pinned your snowman onto my Christmas board so I can make some for next Christmas - it's definitely not snowing here!

  7. That is adorable, Laurel! I have a bunch of supplies sitting on the side and I just need something like the snowman to do something similar, only my base is going to be a used up ribbon spool. That snowman looks like he would be the perfect size for my project, too. Where did you find yours? I haven't seen anything like this at Hobby Lobby (unless I'm looking in the wrong aisle). Michaels? He's perfect to keep out for the winter months and not just Christmas!

  8. Oh Laurel, you are an artist! That little snowman is just so charming. I'm totally smitten! ... And so glad you had a lovely day with your daughter - my favorite kind of day!

  9. Darling project, one that I have got to try.

  10. What a wonderful project. I love it!!

  11. Hi Lauren!
    What a pretty snowman! Love the glitter and the jingle bells music paper on the box. Well done!

  12. Pinned! Super cute! (I missed the post about your daughter's house, so I had to catch up today. How exciting for them. If she decides to blog, I'll be a follower. If she doesn't have time to start a full-fledged blog, maybe she could take one day of the week and do a "New House Update" on your blog. Just a thought. :))

  13. Those snowmen are adorable - a great idea for next Christmas.....one I'll borrow, of course! I love the snowman's hat - you really got it right!

  14. My goodness but they're cute. I can't wait to find some snowmen and try to duplicate those cute little guys. thanks for sharing this with us. It's so generous.

  15. So cute Laurel! It would make a perfect box to put jewelry presents in too!

  16. Sweet! Now you can enjoy him during the gray winter days! You are quite an artist, Laurel!

  17. Super adorable and perfect for this weather now.

  18. This is just beyond adorable!!! These types of decorations are my favorite at Christmas, along with the Putz houses. You did a great job!


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