Feb 28, 2015

My Hero

I mentioned how nice it would be to have the family room painted before the new hardwood floors are installed next week...

...and my husband surprised me by taking the day off on Friday to paint.

My hero!


  1. Oh, you just give him hugs and kisses from us in blogland, what a sweetheart!

  2. Score one for your hero! Taking a day off to paint for his sweetheart was a very nice thing to do. Your family room is going to be gorgeous, Laurel. xxx ~ Nancy

  3. So sweet! Can't wait to see those floors!

  4. What a sweet hubby!!!


  5. Wow! Now that's a good husband. Can't wait to see it all done.

  6. Now that's sweet! Definitely gets a "Husband of the Year" award! :)

  7. Okay one day I will get the hang of different ways to leave comments on blogs!lol
    This is my third attempt. (sigh)
    I am new to your blog .Love your home, very warm and not one "theme/style".
    Love that your husband took the day off to paint. I hope it is done so he can relax today. :-)
    I am curious about the balcony/loft in your family room, what is it how do you get to it? Sorry if
    I am being too nosey. I looked through older posts but could not find any pictures or info other than it
    is an addition? Loved your flooring post. That was us in the bathroom ,we will definitly be going neutral
    this time round. I wanted white tile obviously my compromise was the wrong thing to do.LOL

    Have a beautiful day and enjoy the week...new floors!
    Kind Regards

  8. Very sweet husband, hard - working handy man and all round hero!!

    Best of luck with the new floors!


  9. Gotta love a husband taking the day off to paint and guess what~~ my hubby is painting at this very moment too. We are doing closets and I am so happy.
    Great pic and lovely color.
    Have fun, CM


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