Feb 19, 2015

Getting New Hardwood Floors And This And That

Last month I said I wanted to spend more time moving my bod and eating healthier. I'm happy to say I've been doing pretty well. 

(Superbowl Sunday and Valentine's Day don't count, of course.)

Tucker and I have been walking a lot. We love the snow, and it never slows us down. This photo was taken earlier this winter at our favorite park on a sunny day after it snowed. 

Here's how it looked in the same park yesterday. You can just barely see the snow on the mountains.

I've been cooking a lot of healthy food, too. I like to freeze individual servings of soup for my lunches, and one day I decided to make double batches of three different kinds of soup. Check out all these veggies I diced!

I've also been enjoying the calm and serenity of our remodeled home. I have loved strolling from room to room, luxuriating in the contentment that everything is done for now.

But then, you know what they say: "Ignorance is bliss."

Little did I know the chaos would all be starting again so soon.

We thought we wouldn't be tearing up the house again until this summer, but we just found out that our favorite contractor (who did our kitchen) has a small window open between his big remodel jobs when he can install our new floors. Of course, we had to grab the opportunity to get him.

So, this weekend my peace and quiet and serenity ends again for a bit. I'll be packing up the living room with its huge armoire full of baskets, vases, books, faux flowers, vase filler, nick knacks, trays, frames...

...and the hutch full of dishes and pottery...

...and the dresser full of linens...

...and this cupboard full of crystal, serving bowls, platters, silver, candles, and candle holders...

...and let's not forget the corner cabinet full of stoneware and wine glasses. 

Did you hear that little sob? Yup, it was me.

But packing everything up again for the third time and lugging all the furniture to the other side of the house will be worth it to have new floors. Our poor old maple floors are on their last legs.

Squeaking loudly, full of gaps and cracks and scratches, nails popping up, and too thin to refinish again, it's time to say adios to our old floors. They'll be torn up, the subfloor will be screwed down tighter to stop the squeaking, and new 3 1/2" rift and quarter sawn white oak boards will be installed then sanded, stained, and sealed.  

As we did with the kitchen and master suite remodels, we'll be living in the back of the house while the front is done, then we'll pack up the back of the house and move back into the front while it's done. Whew! 

So don't be alarmed if you don't hear from me for a bit while we tackle the packing and lugging. But when the floor demo gets going, I'll be sure to share some photos.

I'm excited!


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  1. Laurel,
    Let me first say that those veggies look great all diced up and you are a girl after my own heart with your choice of organic pacific stock broth-both vegetable and chicken, best broth ever! So glad you are staying strong and healthy so important for us and extra kudos for staying active in the snow(at least while you had some.) Can't wait to see your update with your new wood floors-so exciting!

  2. I'm vegan, Laurel, so I know all about the benefits of veggies. Good for you!

    Preparing for the new floors will all be worth it in the end! I'm excited for you; don't forget to keep us posted!

  3. Oh my, just when you thought you had some time to enjoy your home and how pretty it looks, Laurel! That's always the way, but I guess you have to take advantage of that opening the contractor has. I'm sure you'll be glad it is all done come Summer, when you can be out walking around instead of moving stuff around! : )

  4. All that packing up and mess sounds daunting, but your beautiful new floors will be worth the blood, sweat and tears! (Hopefully there will be no blood!) Your already beautiful home will be even better! ... And yay for you eating all those yummy veggies and getting outside with Tucker!

  5. Oh your house looks so fabulous! but now you have me worried... what if I pull up this crappy laminate that is covering the original fir floors only to find they are in the same boat as yours?!!! sigh...

  6. What a job!!! But I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
    Have you seen our weather report for this coming Sunday??? Rain & snow showers??? Hard to believe with a high of 55 that day, and a low of 33! I'll believe it when I see it!

  7. Your cottage is so charming, Laurel! I know once your floors are installed and your settled again, all the disruption will have been worth it. The mess of projects quickly fade once you're enjoying the new beauty. Your soups have to be delicious with all those wonderful veggies...love soup in the winter.
    Mary Alice

  8. Our floors definitely need to be refinished with a few repairs, but what you just described is why we keep putting it off. Where would we put everything and where would we go with Lulu until it is finished.

    I can't wait to see the finished floors.

  9. Oh my, have fun : )
    A lot of work but you'll be happy in the end!

    I have the same toaster :)

  10. Laurel we lived through that last March...it was stressful for me to live in such a mess but it was all worth it in the end...we LOVE our new hardwood floors... Your soups sound so good...especially on a day like today...it's FREEZING!!

  11. It is going to be beautiful, Laurel! Worth all the trouble! Take care and have a great weekend!

  12. It will be beautiful but oh to get there! Yikes, sounds fun...ha. I'm cringing imagining going through all the packing, etc. Hang in there!

  13. It is so fun to look around at all the beauty in your home, you have done an amazing job. I just love visiting. Jo

  14. Your healthy eating is so inspiring! I haven't been as careful lately and I am wondering if that's why I have been getting so many headaches! So exciting to be having your floors done! I am sure it will not be fun packing everything up but when it's all over you will be happy. I will be in the same situation once we get going on our kitchen. We are changing a bunch a floors too...ugh. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. We are in the middle of another snowstorm here.

  15. Oh Laurel, I feel your pain....I just finished my kitchen remodel and I am now in the middle of the master bath remodel...Everything is covered with a fine layer of dust and my bedroom looks like a construction zone, but like you....I love my contractor and now is when he was available!!! Yea to you on all of the veges for your healthy life style and ambition to make your soups ahead of time...with the mess in your house, you will be glad you did!!!


  16. You got a lot of snow! It's nice that it doesn't hinder you from getting out and about though. I bet your new floors are going to look great when they're done. Just remember that everything has to look a little ugly before it looks beautiful!

  17. A big job, Laurel, but the results will be worth it. What kind of hardwood will you be using for your new flooring?

  18. Congratulations and condolences, Laurel! Our old floors look much like yours, but I'm hoping they last as long as I do!! You've got quite a job ahead of you, but when your floors are done, you can truly enjoy your finished home. I admire your organization as far as food prep goes, too. I've been doing well with eating healthy whole foods, but as for exercise, not so good. As soon as our Arctic blast is done, I've got to get myself out for power walks again.

    I can't wait to see your new floors!

  19. Happy that your following your healthy regimen well Laurel! My what soup-tastic time you had recently in your kitchen! Hope you share your most favorite ones! Good luck with the flooring thing, it is exciting but yup, a lot of work, at least after that you'll have the nice and quiet and newly-floored home to enjoy!

  20. Laurel, Looking forward to another beautiful change in you home. You have done a wonderful transformation, love all your designs!! I'm in love with the photo of Tucker in the snow!! Thanks for the motivation on eating healthier this year too!!

  21. Hi Laurel, I know it's a lot of work, but will be so worth it in the end. Your home is so charming and decorated so wonderful. You have such great taste. Congrats on the healthy eating too. ( no pun intended, LOL) Love the pic of you and Tucker in the snow.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    hugs, CM

  22. That is a huge remodeling job and I know from experience it's not fun trying to live in your house while all that's going on, but those new floors will be so worth it in the end!


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