Oct 7, 2015

California Road Trip

I hit the road to California with my hard-working husband this week for some crisp mountain air and much-needed R and R. 

 We took off going south through the Oregon and Nevada deserts. The vistas stretched in every direction as far as our eyes could see.

 We crossed over the Sierra Mountains at the Sonora Pass, one of the most beautiful roads we've ever traveled.

We unpacked and settled in at my brother's beautiful Twain Harte lakeside cabin.

Then yesterday we hit the road again for a day trip to Yosemite National Park. It was a glorious and perfect autumn day with no crowds. 

This vacation is paradise! We have beautiful sightseeing and hiking during the day, followed by Margaritas on the lakeside deck watching the Canada Geese land at sunset, followed by snuggling up in front of the warm cozy fire with a good book in the evening.

Life is good!


  1. Oh God I love Califirnia and The beautiful
    Place to go and to see
    We live there for 2 year and miss The weather Im glas you enjoy your vacaciĆ³n with your HB
    Happy sabe travel

  2. I love Sonora Pass, too! Yosemite was my 'backyard' where I grew up ~ simply breath-taking!

    Have fun & safe travels ~

  3. Life is good. I love seeing all the beautiful pictures. Hubby said next year more vacations for us and cannot wait.

  4. Sounds like heaven. Wish I was there. I'm so glad you're back! I see you've changed your header. If I'm not mistaken, is this the first time it's changed since you began? Just curious.

  5. I love California! I've never felt more at home anywhere in the world than in Southern California. Enjoy!

  6. Looks likes you got to see lovely lands!! We have never been to California. Enjoy it!!

  7. From looking at your photos think we've been on many of those same roads. Hubs was trucker so we hit them that way and when we still lived in San Diego we'd travel to lakes with our boat. I sure miss that alot. I'm a traveler, love going to different or even familiar places to get away. We need vacation badly, haven't really been anywhere in way to long. Hope your vacation was everything you needed it to be, sounded like it. Sounded like something we'd love to do but no brother with a cabin. Glad you had it to go to, you deserve to enjoy life. Nice without tv huh?
    Sure loved seeing your photos of the country side, beautiful huh? Raw beauty. Before I this comment as I have so many others will say Happy weekend
    Have arthirtis in hands with twisted fingers and no feelings in fingertips. Have to slow down

  8. Welcome to California. There is so much to see here. But you definitely hit some great spots.

  9. Are you still headed south through California or are you back on the road home?


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