Oct 1, 2015

Celebrating Fall with Sunflowers

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the fall season than with beautiful sunflowers. 

 These stunning orange and red sunflowers grew from seed next to my studio window. 
They're lovely and soft in the early morning shade.

 But when the sun moves higher in the sky, they really earn their name.

 The bees adore them.

 And I adore them! 

 This is the first time I've had a bouquet of sunflowers from our garden.

 I can hardly believe all this beauty came from the little seeds I dropped into the earth last spring.

  I'm a neutral decor kind of gal,

 but I love bringing all the deep jewel tones of autumn into my home.

What a perfect celebration of fall!


  1. What a wonderful way to start the day looking at all that sunshine on a stem! :-) Gorgeous pictures!

  2. What a beautiful sunflower! Would you mind my posting a couple of those photos to a closed flower garden group I belong to in the hope someone can tell me what it is called?

    1. Actually, with your permission, I will just share the link as the photos are all so lovely :-)

  3. Ha! You just gave me the perfect idea for next summer - thank you Laurel!!! and I adore sunflowers...


  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the color of those!!! They are gorgeous! My mom grew some several years ago, but not that color. Those are fabulous!!

  5. I love sunflowers. Maybe next year I can find me some seeds and grow some. They look so pretty.

  6. They are so beautiful: I wish I had room here to grow some. They really bring the sun inside and they last forever too!
    Happy Days!

  7. So pretty!! I love how sunflowers look, but I can't stand the way their leaves and stems feel!!

  8. They are gorgeous. Great color... you are lucky to have these in your very own garden. xo

  9. Oh my word! Those are gorgeous! I'd have them all over my house too. Maybe I'll try growing some next year!

  10. Your sunflowers are gorgeous. How wonderful they are right from your garden. Have a nice weekend. cm

  11. Absolutely beautiful photography!! The vibrant colors you captured are gorgeous.

  12. Beautiful flowers -- and beautiful photos. :)

  13. Your sunflowers are beautiful Laurel! And you have mad photography skills too. Some of your photos look like paintings - just stunning!

  14. Beautiful! I don't remember ever seeing this variety. The petals are a bit darker and it is so beautiful. Great photos with superb light!


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