Oct 18, 2017

Day Hiking Around Our McCall, Idaho Cabin

Hi, Everyone! 

Yesterday, I bought a bunch of fall flowers on sale to fill our pots at the cottage. I also have forty daffodil bulbs to plant here after planting forty more at the cabin last weekend. So I have my work cut out for me outside in the gorgeous autumn air disposing of the frost bitten summer flowers and replacing them with the new cold hardy ones. 

Before I pull on my gardening gloves and head outside I wanted to share a quick post about our kids' day hikes earlier this year to a few of the small mountain lakes near our cabin. 

This is our daughter, Jessica, and her husband, Brody. 

And these are their dogs, Oliver, the enormous Labrador Retriever, and Jake, the not-so-enormous West Highland Terrier. All of our dogs are allowed on the sofas at our cabin where the lifestyle is very informal. We cover the sofas with thick blankets that are laundered after each visit, just so they can snuggle up with us on cool mountain evenings. It's one of the best parts of being at the cabin. Although, as you can see, with Oliver and Jake on a sofa together, there's actually no room for us. Anyway, Oliver and Jake are up on the sofa looking out the window with excitement because they just heard someone say the word "walk," and they know they're about to enjoy their favorite cabin pass time - going for a hike in the mountains.

The mountains around McCall are sprinkled liberally with small mountain lakes located within short drives followed by two or three hours of hiking from our cabin which sits on the edge of the Ponderosa State Park peninsula.  

Hiking is one of Jessica's and Brody's favorite things to do, too. They hike almost every weekend, whether they're in Boise or McCall. Oliver and Jake are well trained, so they're allowed off leash during their hikes.

Jake is quite a little trooper and has no trouble keeping up on his short legs. He can hike for miles without tiring. Can you spot him here among the trees and wildflowers? 


The wildflowers were incredibly beautiful around McCall this year after a long wet spring. 

These photos were taken on several different day hikes. This is Little Payette Lake.

No one could remember the name of this pretty little lake located next to a dirt road. I'm not sure, but I suspect these trees succumbed a long time ago to a forest fire.

This is Upper Hazard Lake.

I just noticed Oliver is peeking out from behind Jessica in this photo.

And this is the treat that Oliver and Jake have been looking forward to on their hike; cooling off and frolicking together in the lake.

Back at the cabin, after their long hike and swim, they'll be tired out and very content to nap away the rest of the afternoon. In such a small cabin, tired and contented dogs snoozing on the sofa and out from under our feet makes everyone happy.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of Idaho's small mountain lakes today. And now I'm heading outside to plant my daffodil bulbs. Whatever you're plans are today, I hope it's a good one!


  1. WOW, it is so pretty around you. I envy you.

  2. That is a beautiful area, Laurel. There is nothing like the mountains and a mountain lake to make your heart sing. I grew up in the PA mountains but live in the midwest now...we only have little hills---but we do have lots of lakes.

    Hope you got your bulbs planted. Have a great week- xo Diana

  3. Beautiful part of the country!
    The dogs are super sweet, too!

  4. They are so cute I was looking for them throughout the hike I had to back to look at the beauty. The wildflowers are amazing and the lakes are beautiful. Such a blessing.

    With our two Doxies, brother and sister. A tired dog is a good dog. For me it's like having two, two year olds


  5. Beautiful! I know so little about Idaho and I'm right now gushing to my husband how gorgeous the mountains and lakes and pines are!! How blessed you are!

    Love the cute pups, and they look like they look out for each other.

    Jane x

  6. Everything looks so peaceful and relaxing. Loved all your pictures kids and dogs , thanks for sharing,and those beautiful wildflowers.

  7. Beautiful!! It makes me want to visit there. Love all the photos!!

  8. This post brought back my college days when I was a camp counselor each summer. Thanks for the memories.

  9. Gorgeous area Laurel! Perfect place to enjoy nature. Oliver and Jake are sooo cute. :)


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